Are you eager to explore the FX market, but you shy away due to risk of capital losses and complex trading skills? If yes, then there’s a powerful solution that can enable you to invest in the FX market conveniently.

It’s none other than TechBerry – a social trading platform launched in 2015. But what makes it different and how does it work?

Let’s find out in this detailed review.

TechBerry: A Revolutionary Concept in the FX Space

TechBerry is a social trading platform that offers automated trading strategies to investors. The platform works as an Expert Advisor (EA) and utilizes the power of AI and mass volumes of data to detect trends, market swings, and develop future projections.

As per reports, TechBerry collects trading data of over 100,000 traders working around the globe. This data is analyzed using AI technology that samples the best trades and creates automated strategies for users.

The best part is that this model has worked for TechBerry, enabling the platform to generate consistent guaranteed profits of 11.2%. Interesting, isn’t it?

TechBerry currently has offices in Germany, UAE, and Australia and there are plans to open a new office in California, USA.

As of today, TechBerry offers products for three different users: traders, investors, and financial institutions (FIs). Let’s dive deeper into the product offerings of TechBerry.

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TechBerry offerings

As mentioned, there are three different users who can benefit from TechBerry service. Let’s talk about each one.

TechBerry for Investors

Investors willing to discover the FX space can significantly benefit from TechBerry. In fact, the primary objective of TechBerry is to facilitate investors who want to increase their wealth. 

Fortunately, TechBerry has succeeded in achieving its objective for the past few years – all thanks to the cutting-edge AI technology. 

The benefits for investors are also endless. Some of them include:

  • Insurance protection coverage
  • Convenient automated trading solutions
  • Diverse pricing plans to suit different investors

TechBerry for Traders

If you’re a seasoned FX trader, TechBerry has an excellent offer for you.

If you’re willing to share your trading data, you can earn up to a maximum of $500 from TechBerry. You heard that right.

Well, it’s simply how TechBerry is designed. The whole idea is based on the concept of social trading, which involves using existing strategies to maximize FX gains. 

Therefore, you’re in for a real treat if you’re a trader with loads of FX data.

TechBerry for FIs

Every financial institution has a treasury department that manages their liquidity. Moreover, there’s also a trading desk in the treasury department that manages the inward/outward remittances for corporate clients and hedge FX positions. 

The aim of the FI is to earn a higher profit on their trading and they usually need a robust system to achieve their goal. TechBerry can act as an assistive software for banks that provides real-time information about FX pairs. Moreover, banks can also gain trader’s data which can improvise trading strategies.

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Diverse Plans of TechBerry

One of the amazing aspects of TechBerry is that it has something for every kind of investor. Whether you’re a rookie trader or a seasoned investor, TechBerry has specific pricing plans suitable to your needs.

Additionally, there’s a 14-day free trial plan that lets you explore the platform and experience the user interface. Besides the free trial, there are seven different plans, which includes:

  • White
  • Green
  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 
  • Diamond
  • Infinite

White is the basic plan that starts for as little as $9, offering a capital loss coverage of 40%. As you upgrade to a higher plan, the cost increases, but so do the benefits. For example, you get a dedicated manager, chart reporting, and a 100% capital loss coverage with the Infinite plan. However, it’s the most expensive plan costing around $599.

Legitimacy of TechBerry

Rest assured, TechBerry is one of the safest platforms for investors, traders, and FIs. It is audited by leading sites, such as Fx Audit and FxBlue. 

Moreover, the platform partners with over 50+ leading brokers that have renowned regulatory approvals and global connections. The best part is that no scams have been reported on account of TechBerry. You see, the EA market is flooded with scams, and it’s a significant achievement for TechBerry to have excellent user reviews.

Additionally, the platform has security checks in place, such as KYC verification and 2FA authentication. All of this boosts the investors’ confidence in the platform and restores their belief that TechBerry is indeed a legitimate and safe trading platform.

How to Get Started on TechBerry?

Here is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to register on TechBerry.

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Registration on the Platform

Visit the TechBerry website and click on the register button.

Upon doing this, a form asking for your email address will be opened. Not only do you have to provide an active email address, but you also have to create a strong password.

Accept Terms and Conditions of TechBerry

After the registration is completed, TechBerry will want you to confirm their terms and conditions before proceeding further. You should also read their terms and conditions before trading, as this will help you to be better aware of what you can expect from the platform.

After reading, you just have to click the confirm box and then click on the “Sign Up” button.

Choose the Account Type

As mentioned earlier, you have seven different pricing plans to choose from. TechBerry is quite diverse and facilitates the needs of investors with different risk appetite. Choose your preferred plan and kickstart your trading journey on this social trading platform.

Alternative to the Bitcoin ETF

TechBerry has recently introduced membership plans related to cryptocurrencies. Now crypto-lovers can safely invest in Bitcoin using the TechBerry platform.

The best part is you can deposit and withdraw funds conveniently using a wire transfer or a credit card. Simple, isn’t it?

This new addition in TechBerry offerings is suitable for seasoned investors looking to explore cryptocurrency and make significant gains.

Parting Thoughts!

The FX market fluctuates and changes rapidly. As a matter of fact, the trading volume exceeds over $10 trillion per day. 

As a newbie investor navigating in such a fast-paced market, a trading platform like TechBerry can help you adapt to the dynamics of the FX industry. Meanwhile, you can also earn a consistent profit on your investment. A win-win, isn’t it?

If you’re interested in the FX industry, visit TechBerry’s website today to complete registration.

Begin today!


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