Coin collecting is a serious passion for admirers of precious metals. While there are many coins available to the public, some are reserved for authorized purchasers. Learning about these rare coins is intriguing because they reflect crucial moments in American history. 

Likewise, some collectors enjoy purchasing coins that connect to significant events in U.S. history or even more extended periods. For example, the coin that will soon be discussed in this article is directly tied to Reagan’s initial inauguration. Such tiny treasures represent moments in time and give collectors a kind of time capsule to hold onto forever.  

Below we discuss all you need to know about the American gold eagle coin, including its origins, general design, and changes over time. By learning about the specifics of this coin, you’ll gain insight into coin authentication and whether to have your coin encapsulated by a grading company. Read on to learn more specifics about one coin you may already possess or have the means to purchase.

History Of The American Gold Eagle Coin 

The American gold eagle coin was officialized as the U.S. gold bullion coin in 1986. The coin came to fruition due to the American Eagle Bullion Program. The program’s purpose was to provide investors with a way to buy metals affordably and straightforwardly. 

The first series launch began in 1907, with Type One designed by Miley Frost. The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle inspired this coin. In 2019, Jennie Norris was chosen as a member of the Artistic Infusion Program. Her Eagle Portrait was selected as the Type 2 reverse for the coin. 

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Versions Of The Coin 

Various coin creations have been proposed to investors and collectors over the years. Bullion coins, like the American gold eagle, have an established finish sought-after by collectors within the network of individuals authorized to purchase these precious metals. The American gold eagle coin is not available to the public. As of 1986, there are four sizes of American Eagle coins. 

Alongside the burnished finish (not unlike the standard finish) is the letter “W” minted as the differentiation on the front of the coin. From 2006 to 2008, this numismatic version was offered. This version was dismissed for two years but emerged in 2011 and then continued. Since 2011, the 1-ounce-sized coin has been the only one issued.

General Design Features 

Type One design includes a male eagle carrying an olive branch over to eagle hatchlings and another eagle, this one female. The design was inspired by the Family of Eagles sculpture by Miley Frost. The minting establishes a cameo overlay and parts that are realized, frosted, and mirrored. There have been multiple versions of the proof American gold eagle, such as the reverse proof Gold Eagle, issued in 2006. 

Learn More About Years And Denominations In Mintage Data 

Depending on the size of the coin, the legal tender and the face value will differ. You can learn about the associated coin years and denominations by researching the Gold American Eagle mintage data.


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