There was a time, especially during the initiation of Bitcoin, when Cryptocurrency was pretty much struggling in a financial scenario. However, now, the course has changed entirely.

For example, they’ve become a lot more popular than before. Their overall valuation, too, has increased by a mile. And lots of new Crypto coins are popping up out of nowhere too.

But, how do you find them?

Where Do You Find a New Crypto Coin?

There is more than one place from where you can find a brand new Crypto coin. However, if you want to partake in something as such, make sure to opt for a viable and secure platform.

In our opinion, the bitcoin bank breaker will be the best option in this aspect. But, we will ask you to do your own research and choose whatever you find suitable for your purpose.

1: A Cryptocurrency Exchange.

An exchange, in general, is the most reliable source of finding a new Crypto coin. After all, it is their job to list down whatever’s getting invented on their dashboard. 

All you need to do is create an account on the platform to get the access. If you are searching for such a Crypto exchange, we’ll ask you to check out Binance or Coinbase.

They are pretty popular and reliable. In addition, your risk of getting scammed there is almost non-existent, as these platforms are highly secure and efficient.

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2: Social Media.

Social media is known for having an ability to transmit a lot of information instantly. A good example of the same is Twitter, which is considered to be the quickest moving platform in the US. So, if you keep your eyes open, you can hear news about a new coin or two here.

Telegram is yet another platform that can deliver timely news regarding Crypto development. However, many of them will be fake, so it’s best to be careful about it.

3: A DeFi Platform.

A decentralized finance platform is a comparatively new venue for investing Cryptocurrency. But, they are still quite effective when it comes to finding a new Crypto coin.

Think about it. Whenever a new Cryptocurrency is introduced, it’s done through DeFi. Hence, if you are keeping an eye on whatever’s happening there, you can easily find a new coin.

Some of the examples of popular DeFi platforms are – PancakeSawp, MakerDAO, and Aave.

4: NFT Marketplaces.

If you want to avoid volatile Cryptocurrency and go for a digital token, opting for an NFT can solve your headache. As their price goes up prominently, you will be able to sell them later on to gain more than whatever you had invested in.

NFTs are also going to be a substantial part of the Metaverse. Therefore, if you want to make a move in the market, it might be best to get a lot of NFTs at the earliest. 

Examples of some of the popular NFT marketplaces are – Rarible and OpenSea. Here, you’ll be able to find whatever NFT you are looking for by specifically sorting them out.

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5: ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).

Initial Coin Offering is a sort of project that’s usually initiated by an SME to get funding for a project. So, in this case, they will share some Crypto coins created on their own and ask all of their investors to buy them. And once they launch the project, you will be able to avail of their services by paying through those Crypto coins.

These types of projects are getting launched almost regularly. Therefore, it’s better to keep an eye on the businesses closely. However, before you invest a lot of money, be sure to do a bit of research regarding the business. This way, you’ll know if you’re destined to succeed or not.


Apart from these, new Cryptocurrencies are sometimes also made available in a presale by the creator of the same. Most of these sales are generally listed on social media and new websites. So, if you can focus on those, you might be able to get new ones, even before they get listed.

However, before you opt for anything, make sure to check if they are a part of a scam or not. Doing some research will do the trick for you.


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