English Olympiad examination

Introduction Thomas Alva Edison once rightly said,”there is no substitute for hard work.”To achieve something one must always be ready to work for it even if they are olympiads. Olympiads help in building the student’s confidence and testing their ability and allowing them to self evaluate.  Here is how you can prepare for English Olympiad examination and give it your best shot:

The pattern of the English Olympiad examination

When you know the pattern of the exam this not only helps you when you are appearing for the paper but also when you are preparing for it. From the number of questions, the format of the question paper, everyone should be aware of the relevant facts.

One should be up to date with the syllabus

You should go through the syllabus very thoroughly so that when you start preparing, you know what areas of knowledge and which topics need your attention and focus. The syllabus for the exams are available on the website which anybody can check out before preparing. 

One should start with an early preparation

If you are preparing for olympiads it is never a good idea to prepare at the last minute because what Olympiads do is test your understanding of the basics and Ishwar covering the basics and then venturing deeper into the topic at the last minute you are going to get crammed up and not get good results. Even if you start small you should often start early when it comes to preparation for the olympiads.

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One should choose the right study material

It is advisable to have the basic knowledge of the concepts and study as much as one can by going through the school books. Apart from the school books, you should try reading NCERT or books of the same nature of a class higher so that you can get an understanding of some advanced concepts. The IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2014 should be solved for a better understanding of the examination and the question pattern.

One should make notes while studying

Revising the whole syllabus, again and again, is too stressful and time-consuming instead of revising the whole syllabus one should make notes and jot down the points which are important, this not only helps you understand the topic more efficiently but to go through the main points at the end in a short time.

Practice makes perfect

Just studying will not help you to prepare efficiently for an Olympiad. A student must try as many sample papers and previous years question papers and attempt to solve them. Solving most of the sample papers and previous years question papers will assist him or her in getting a better idea of the kind of questions and also it will help him in his constant evaluation building up his confidence and skill.

Continuous preparation

There is a misconception laid by students that if they dedicate whole week before exams they can prepare and get the exams clear, this idea might not work for some students and one should always try to prepare for the exams as soon as they can because a little practice goes a long way and will clear their doubts before time too if a person is concentrating all the required if foods in a short period of time it might be exhausting and stressful for him or her and can affect this in his or her performance adversely.

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Studying and practising is never enough when it comes to preparing for an Olympiad. If one knows himself and is able to figure out his area of strength and weakness it will help him in knowing that in which area he needs to put more effort and in which area he doesn’t need to put in as much effort thereby saving his time. The best way is to time yourself and gives a score to yourself without any bias. It will help you and analyse your performance and prepare mentally for the Olympiad.

A suitable environment

A good comfortable environment is a necessity because if you are not studying in a silent or solitary surrounding you are constantly getting distracted by the things around you not allowing you to study


One should always set goals for his day. The number of chapters that are needed to be covered, the topics that need to be revised and the questions that need to be solved. This makes it easier for you to study without getting bored of the same topic.


Overexertion is harmful for your brain and body and if you are not calm and at unease, when you are studying then it is no different than that you are not studying at all, if you are feeling tired or nervous it will not allow you to concentrate on your studies and you will feel exhausted and unmotivated.  

When you follow a systematic pattern of solving the questions and approaching each problem in that way it will help in preventing you from having any kind of confusion and chances of mugging up. 

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Many of the students in order to save time do the calculations in their mind only which is a great cause of silly mistakes. If one is doing a calculation of the problems, in this way he or she can recheck the calculation and also decrease the chances of mistakes.

Getting overconfident and careless can cost you greatly, one should always read every question carefully and peace everything together in his mind.

If you have time after you’ve completed the problems you should check all the calculations again and see if you have not made any. This gives the student the opportunity to rectify the mistakes and save them from any unnecessary regret and confusion later on.

Just have great dedication and work hard, success is assured.



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