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These current classrooms are not like the old type of classrooms. It is a long since we were squeezing our eyes to see the words on a projector or inhaling chalk dust in a class. In these current classrooms, one does not need to cram the whole textbook and immediately answer in a split second. One can obtain knowledge in this current by either having an on-campus education or having an Online Education. People thought that this method is challenging to adapt to, but students have the flexibility and the freedom to chase their goals at their own time. One should intentionally decide between having an online class, one on one, and on-campus Studies. All options have the same success in a student’s life, but that option better suits the students than other choices.

Below are the comparisons between on-campus or online studies by

On-campus studying.

It is a situation where you are in a physical classroom, and you have a lecture in front of you lecturing. You have class in person. Most students are comfortable with this system. This system exists from elementary schools to high school, so it is straightforward to understand easily.

Advantages of studying on campus.

These are the reasons why on-campus studying is the commonly used method to this day.

Build community.

When one meets physically with their fellow students and listens to their insights and their stories, it is easy to create a relationship between their professor and classmates. Though relationships build in also online settings, the campus setting if building relationships is more natural.

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Keep time.

On-campus settings where you have a lecture in a week makes you have consistent schedules. This setting helps you create a planner where you will know that by 5 pm, you have a class till nine on.

You receive answers to your questions instantly.

On-campus learning allows you to ask your fellow student or lecturer a question about a topic that you did not understand in class.


Restricts one to a particular schedule

One has to keep a certain schedule, that is if he wants to continue with on-campus studying.

Enforces structure.

In on-campus studying, the lecturer will decide how much time he can take.

Online education.

The invention of technology has greatly affected students.

Below are some of the advantages.


One’s schedule is flexible.

It is the greatest why most students opt for online studies. One can create their schedule with an online setting. One can plan to meet with their lecturers, but they have to make sure that they meet deadlines.

Improve motor skills and self-discipline.

Online classes will help one focus on whatever they are doing, so one has to discipline himself. It improves one’s responsibility.

Connect with other students.

Another great advantage of online studying is linking up with other students from all over the world or students who do not stay in the same vicinity as you. One can study from anywhere as long there is a reliable Internet.


Since there is no physical meeting up if the lecturer, one has to be more motivated to study, students not physically meeting up with their lecturer has made students lose morale when studying.

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You need to have an idea of modern technology.

One cannot have an online class without having the idea of how to use technology to study online.


Deciding between online and on-campus studying is not an easy task. It is not a matter that students jokingly take.


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