Class 9 Maths Olympiad


Mathematics is a significant subject prescribed to all the classes in schools. An Olympiad is a competition conducted for students belonging to many countries. They aspire to excel in maths and take up such exams. Class nine is an important class to prepare the student for the board exams conducted in class ten. Preparing for a Class 9 Maths Olympiad at this level can help the child to foster an interest in mathematics and thus improve their skills too. A candidate can recognize his/her true potential and can also improve aptitude skills.

The Class 9 Maths Olympiad is however not like a normal maths exam conducted at school. A deeper understanding of every concept attained through better research and gaining practical knowledge is advised. Visiting the official site regularly to make note of all important information is very helpful. The Internet provides is a source of various websites that offer practice tests. The network also shares information on how to solve difficult maths problems by discussing the difficulty level of all the questions. The internet proves to be both times efficient and cost-efficient too. The Olympiads are generally based on topics taught at school; the competition mainly aims to familiarise the child with the different concepts of mathematics. The student must also be aware of the rules and regulations of the competition. Problem-solving skills and trying to think outside the box will greatly help students. This type of thinking provides an added advantage to solving tricky questions. These exams conducted initially at school levels can be taken annually or bi-annually.

Knowing the syllabus is the first step to be followed to prepare for the exam. The topics based on which questions are asked in any maths Olympiad are generally taught at school. However, the questions asked are always tricky and indirect. It is always better for the student to make sure that all chapters are properly covered. Questions for the Olympiad are framed based on the syllabus alone. The list of topics covered in the syllabus is a number system, algebra, coordinate geometry, geometry, mensuration, statistics and probability. Students have to prepare themselves for any type of questions that can be asked from the above-mentioned chapters. The topics contain important nuances used by experts in order to frame important questions for such competitive exams. These chapters are incidental as they act as a foundation for the exams to be taken up in class ten. Realising the importance of such topics is essential for preparation.  

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Students can regularly write down what they have learnt to improve writing speed and also gain additional handwriting practice. This habit contributes to the self-analysis of the student with respect to the time needed to derive a solution for any question. The skills can be utilised to mainly make note of steps to solve a problem. These skills can be helpful not only for mathematics but also for many other subjects too.

It is not always necessary for a student to study alone. A candidate can individually study in a group and also enjoy the advantage of receiving opinions from every member present in the group. This enhances one’s learning experience as there is frequent sharing of resources and materials apart from general interactions and discussions.

Practise always leads to perfection. The candidate has to follow the same regarding chapters, questions, tests and exercises. The practice undertaken by students maximizes their confidence and directs their concentration to better levels. The practice taken by a student for an Olympiad will never go in vain. Students get nervous during exams and regular practice will lessen anxiety and fear. It can help students create a plan to have a better approach towards the subject. Practise can motivate them to learn better with the help of the latest questions that are updated. Understanding serves as a stronger method of practice for the students who are about to take up exams. Students must regularly practise so that they don’t face problems later. The process helps students ascertain their results. Sample papers find the best approach for students. Samples are designed in such a way to cover all portions and lessen pressure on the child.

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Students get a unique opportunity to explore portions beyond that of school to get better grades in the examination. They can access good education with the help of personalized learning materials. Olympiads fill the gap between learning and excellence through excellent study materials crafted for efficiency. Teachers are the best sources of information to receive help to analyse one’s strengths and weaknesses regardless of any subject. Regularly taking notes and paying heed to the teacher’s advice will improve the performance and seeking the teacher’s help will ensure the best results. Time is an essential aspect that should be considered by a student during preparation for an exam. Students can preferably increase their scores by reducing the amount of time allocated to solve every question asked in the exam. Proper planning and strict schedules through timetables result in proper practice methods. Time is very crucial and starting to prepare for any exam well in advance is good. Sticking to the schedule is a prerequisite to avoid unnecessary lags in the schedule created for the study. Online tests can increase efficiency by providing help with any issues regarding the topics and deriving solutions.

Managing stress is an important factor to increase marks. Realising that the Olympiad is also like any other exam can help reduce the stress faced by the student. Stress always hinders one’s judgment and affects emotions too.  It is always better to avoid stress by considering the value of an exam. Knowing the types of tests and the nature of questions that are always asked is appreciated. Tracking the performance is appreciable as accuracy can be reflected and the average score can be ascertained. The problem-solving skills should be largely improved upon to save time during exams. Various books and guides that contain practise tests, sample questions and essential information can be purchased. These materials can be of great help to students who are undertaking the competition for the very first time. Olympiads train students and inspire them to work harder for other exams.

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You can refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9 2012for the details.



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