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In some international firms, instead of resumes, future employees are asked to give to an employer a job application of some employee. Mostly, it is asked to send without a CV and so it must exhibit all your intentions about the chosen vacancy, all the facilities, and describe you. Another type of application is a document, called a cover letter, which is sent with a resume. But in essence, these documents are very important, and it is also important to write them correctly and competently. So we’ll need to puzzle out what you need to do to write the best  and successful job application possible. Here is jobs in UAE.

What is a cover letter or successful job application?

When you have found a job that you want and are likely to get – that’s good, because that’s a big achievement. But now you have to take the next steps to get a job. One such step is to write an application for employment or a cover letter. In some countries it is not mandatory, but in most cases employers who give job for a foreighn workers rely on it. Very often people, when trying to find work – do not write cover letters, believing that the resume provided enough information about them. However, many human resources managers who are involved in recruiting future employees argue that the job application letter is part of the image of a potential employee, and how well the letter is written depends on whether or not a candidate is invited to an interview, and whether he gets the job or not. The covering letter to the employer is affiliated to the CV. 

Why do you need a successful job application letter

It is a strict and exclusively informational document, and, like any paper, has a fairly rigid format that does not show the person as a person. Outside of it is pretty much useful information for the employer, which is appropriate to submit in the application for employment letter. That’s what it’s actually for. A properly designed letter of introduction does not guarantee you a job position, it already determines the examination for vacancy, but the purpose of the employment application letter – help you get into this interview. 

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Is it necessary to write a successful job application letter everywhere?

In most cases – yes, you do. As already mentioned, this letter helps the employer to get to know the potential employee better before meeting him personally. But my personal opinion is that if you’re going to get some kind of low-level job, your personality, your education, and your personality will be of little interest to your employer. It was very important to him to know your benefit more as a simple worker. Therefore, in this case, probably enough and a simple resume.

In what style should I write a job application?

  • You need to create a job application letter so good, you literally should reach your employer want to hire you without even reading your résumé. 

It is necessary to be honest, not to embellish your abilities and capabilities much. All employers and especially management value honesty. Also, if you are applying for vacancies with very different directions, it is better to write several letters for each vacancy separately, since one letter will not be able to correctly disclose your identity to several employers in different areas. The more exclusive your motivation for this firm expressed in the letter of introduction – the higher your chances.

  • What is the best way to choose the style of employment application letter – personal or official?

In the vast majority of cases, the cover letter must be written in an official-business style, as it is essentially a document. Deviations from this style are permissible, and rather welcome if you are applying for creative work. In this case, humor and creativity will be quite appropriate. But here too, a sense of proportion is needed. Pay attention to the job description and the look of the employer’s website – the more official style, the more delicate your letter should be, and vice versa.

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What parts should contain an employment application letter?

Here’s a little manual to guide you in writing your application. 

  • You should open a letter with an introduction. You need to direct your application to an individual person. Most often in the job description there is a name, surname and patronymic of a specialist in the selection of personnel. If not, then in the subject of the letter you can write «Manager for personnel» and specify the name of the firm.
  • You should tell how you found out about the job and refer to this source.
  • What you want to do in this company (that is, what position you are applying for). Characterization of your experience in the desired sphere (there should be nothing superfluous, literally 2 – 3 sentences)
  • A description of your strengths and abilities in an application for an employment letter, will be useful to this company in this position. Here you can tell more about your work experience in your chosen field and about your personal achievements in the work. If there is no experience in this specialty, then you can talk about other professional skills – perhaps they can compensate for the lack of experience.
  • Why you want to work in this company (you need to study the company in which you want to work). The personnel specialists are very happy when the candidate is interested in the company’s affairs, so it is better to know more about the future employer in advance.
  • At the end of the letter be sure to leave contact information – phone number or e-mail address. If you want to call your employer yourself, please informate at what time you plan to do so.

How to avoid all popular mistakes in writing cover letters and job application letters?

  • The most important thing is to be honest! Honesty is highly valued everywhere, regardless of life situation, country, etc. 
  • The biggest and most common mistake is to write about your ambitions and that your main goal is a fast way up the career ladder. It is better to write about the desire to apply your skills in the solution of those tasks that face the company, it will show your willingness to work and to help.
  • Do not tell about your salary at the previous workplace, even if you are asked to write in your application for a job about this. It could reduce your chances of getting the job you want. Too «expensive» specialists are usually eliminated, and the low salary level at the previous place of work may indicate incompetence of the potential employee.
  • Writing about why you left your previous job must be very careful. It is necessary to prepare in advance the answers to complex questions about your work experience and previous jobs, and to use them in the interview, as necessary, and not in the cover letter.
  • The cover letter, as the name suggests, accompanies the main subject of discussion – the summary. Therefore, if you are writing an application for an employment letter and not an application for a job, and if the data in the letter and the CV contradict each other – do not expect a response from the employer. Erroneous and duplicate the data from the resume. The accompanying letter should be separate, and only complement the resume, not be them, only in another form.
  • Do not try to complain to your employer. The cover letter should be positive and convincing, not a plea to hire you. You probably won’t even be considered a potential employee. 
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And don’t forget the last step before sending – be sure to check spelling and stylistic errors. A couple of mistakes will undo all the effort and beautiful words.


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