Ever been to events with massive productions? From music festivals like Burning Man to stage performances like concerts and fashion shows, set décor is what brings an event together. Designing a theme that fits the performance is the key to putting on an effortless production of any scale and value.  

A compelling narrative pulls the audience into the vision, involving them in an interactive experience. The role of a designer is crucial in pulling off a successful event. Here are suggestions to consider for an impressive stage design: 

Use Appropriate Material

Elaborate stage setups are fine as long as the material is lightweight and versatile. For starters, dismantling, transporting, and moving them on stage can be a hassle. Material like steel, that’s light and durable, is ideal for fabricating props. Furthermore, keeping things lightweight is less dangerous in case of unfortunate mishaps. Steel is less hazardous than foam-based props in case of a fire too.

Get Creative

If your stage looks exactly like every other stage, the uniqueness of your production will probably suffer from a lack of creative vision and repetition. Viewers find unique stage designs engaging and far better entertainment value. Moreover, in the day of social media, everything must be noteworthy and flaunted online. 

Ensure you include the proper lighting, which can easily uplift any décor. Lighting can affect the finished look with lens color, texture, and intensity. Hiring the right people to add pizzazz rather than altering your production is critical. Also, use lights that consume less energy and don’t make the stage and event venue hot. You don’t want your attendees breaking into an uncomfortable sweat! 

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If the elements are carefully curated, keeping the overall theme in mind, the audience relates better to the vision. Imagine what you want the area to be and transform it into an immersive spectacle to remember.


Another essential point to note is hiding wires and any crowded audio-visual equipment. It’s not the usual clean-up, but the kinds you should consider before executing any design. Designs with projection planning or multi-visual treats can have wires, boxes, and AV equipment amassed on the stage. As you’ll soon recognize, the clutter can quickly draw your audience away. The most straightforward approach to conceal unkempt equipment is to cover it behind draperies, fences, or other design features. If you awant wooden fence for your property to keep your event private, then check out www.cedarmountainfence.com

If you cannot cover your tracks invisibly for some reason, another option is to highlight the performers by using lighting equipment to clear the space of clutter. This easy deception tactic will keep the audience’s attention on the presentation and away from the clutter.

Consider Audience Perspective 

If your audience can’t see you, it won’t matter how impressive your concert stage is set up or how many special affects you use during the performance. Examine the audience’s perspective closely before you begin creating the stage.

To ensure that everyone in the audience can view every moment of your performance, you’ll need to change your stage design according to audience visibility, crowd size, and venue layout.

Once you have the design down pat, enroll in the services of an experienced fabricator like Creative NYC. They offer turnkey expertise for custom metal fabrication services in New York.


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