According to Cosmitto, here are the ten tips on how to improve team management skills:

  1. Make sure you know your natural vision, and if you already know what your plan with your team is, tell it to your workmates and make sure that you will let them say what their insights in what your plans are and make sure that you are open on listening and hearing what their thoughts about it are. 
  2. Make sure to be open to your team, be open on what is your plan, what you want to happen, what are the things you want to improve, and all and make sure that you treat them as your family, be honest and open to them all the time so that whenever there are problems arise, they are aware of it. Nearly all management seminars advocate for this thing. They can help you, and if there are problems that arise on their side, you are there to help them because they trust you, and you trust them that you can make the work successful until the end. Make sure that you are true to them, not when times of problems. You will leave them as if nothing happens. Make sure to be there through the ups and downs of each other.
  3. Recognize each other’s works, make sure to praise them for the things they did, make sure that you compliment them to their achievements even if it is just a tiny achievement, make sure to compliment and praise them about it, make them feel that you are proud of them in every victory and accomplishment they made so that when it your turn, they will congratulate you also. They will feel proud that you are a team and your goal is to make everything successful.
  4. Make sure you know the importance of gratitude. Just as mentioned earlier, praising and giving compliments is a thing. Saying thank you, good job, or any compliment can make the feeling of your workers good, and it will help them strive harder and work harder.
  5. Make sure you always maintain good communication. Communication is everything. If you know how to communicate well, everything will be going smoothly according to the plan without any problems and circumstances that might come. Make sure you know how to communicate effectively and correctly.
  6. Make sure not to take your work as work only as if your goal is only to make it done. Make sure you work with fun not to feel a bit heavy making work. Make sure that you have a little fun, treat yourself with your workmates, eat some good food, make a little chitchat about life so that you will have a fresh mind and it will help you gain lots of new good ideas.
  7. If you are the top performer in your workplace, you will think of how to retain that title.
  8. Make sure you know how to handle toxic employees because it is happening, and you will undoubtedly encounter those kinds of employees. It is just a matter of helping them improve and change their mindset.
  9. Make sure to admit mistakes, and you are not perfect.
  10. Learn how to take things according to the plan.
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