mend a broken heart
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Breakups are a universal thing but that doesn’t mean they should not hurt. Some breakups are messy, dramatic and fill the soul into deep sorrow. Only because these people do not see it coming. For them, this relationship was going to be THE ONE. They had a future in their mind but now it’s all shattered. That is the reason some people suffer more than others. Breakups induce a lot of depression, anxiety in these people. But don’t worry you aren’t alone to mend a broken heart.

Around 70 % of straight couples break up in the first year of their relationship, according to a very recent survey. This means a lot of broken hearts are there around the world right now, who are waiting for things to be better just like you.

But how can you do that? There isn’t a stipulated time to get over a breakup but there is a process. And this article will guide you through it to mend a broken heart.

Let’s begin!

  1. Don’t let your thoughts capture you

Many things are left unsaid after a breakup. There will be waves of sadness, grief pouring inside you from time to time which will take you back to their happier times.

In this situation, do not try to stop or block these thoughts. It will be hard but try to absorb it and talk yourself out with, “it’s okay, these emotions will come and I can handle it”.

If they are too much to bear, write it down, talk to a trusted friend or see a therapist. It’s important to give yourself time to grieve before going on to another relationship. Because unless you heal from your past, you won’t be able to make your future relationships successful.

  1. Drive your attention towards others
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You might probably be aware of this already. Do not spend a lot of time with yourself or the thoughts will come rushing back. There may be a list of hobbies that you may have stopped doing when you come into a relationship, so now is the time you reflect on yourself and get back at it.

Talk to the friends you couldn’t meet, read new books, go on a trek, leave for a trip to a new city, see the city lights of Brisbane. And if you feel lonely, you can always seek Brisbane escorts services for the company.

You can finally focus on things that matter in the present moment, it will help your subconscious mind to adapt and adjust to this new life. In the process, it will be easier to relax. So, no matter how much you don’t want to, push yourself out of bed and do what you want to.

  1. Make a list of good things

It’s easy for someone to believe that they are the reason for the breakup. The mind has a funny way to convince you. But that is not true. Breakups do not happen due to one person’s fault. It takes two people to end the relationship, no matter what the reasons are.

So, instead of focusing on what you lacked in the relationship which isn’t relevant now, focus on the things that make you a better person. It can be small things like, making someone smile or buying flowers to appreciate someone. Prepare a list of these things. You will honestly feel a lot better than when you started.

  1. Spend time exercising
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Exercising helps you to divert your attention and keep focused on the exercise. It also helps in releasing happy hormones. So, if you want to have that glow which everyone talks about, consider joining a gym.

If that’s not your desire, start going on walks to the nearby park or go for an evening run. It will instantly make your mood 10 times better when you come home.

  1. Create new hobbies

There must be a few things that you enjoy. Like reading, painting, listening to music, podcasts, cooking, or anything else under the tree. So, give some time and effort to these things every day. Try new hobbies if you haven’t already.

Research says when you are passionate about doing something, you’ll be able to direct all your attention to it. Also, you may end up having a good time and feel confident about yourself. There must be one in your head going on right now, hook onto that and dive into it right away!

Over to you…

Instead of forcing things to be better, try to fall in love again. This time with yourself. Remember compassion, and self-understanding is the ONLY way to mend a broken heart.



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