Just thinking about a mortgage can strike fear into the hearts when looking to buy a property. There are so many questions and worries. Do you meet the requirements of having the cash to make a down payment, is your credit score satisfactory and will you be accepted following the rigorous underwriting procedure?

You then need to decide which mortgage provider, bank, or broker to make your application to. The larger companies on television and in the media bombard potential buyers with sales pitches and offers to entice you. The idea of using an independent broker, such as Ascot Mortgages to deal and set up your mortgage is certainly a good option. Here are 5 good reasons as to why it is beneficial to opt for an independent mortgage broker.

  1. An independent broker can save you money

Everybody wants the best value that they can get for their money when making a major investment. An independent broker will find you the most affordable mortgage, thus saving you money.

  1. Independence 

Your broker can find you the best mortgage because they are not tied to offering their own products unlike a bank or building society. You will be afforded a far wider choice that not even price comparison sites can offer, to suit your individual requirements.

  1. A quicker and better chance of acceptance

The best chance of being accepted for a mortgage is for it to go through at the first attempt. An independent broker will go through the application thoroughly to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. A failed attempt for something such as a poor credit score remains on your file, making future applications harder. A quick turnaround is sometimes required to secure your dream property. Independence and that personal touch ensure that your broker will give you the greatest chance of securing your mortgage in the quickest time. Read here about the time normally required to secure a mortgage.

  1. That personal touch
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Many modern businesses have become large corporations and seem to have lost sight that of customer preference of wanting to speak in person rather than by telephone. An independent mortgage broker is not only an expert in their specialised industry, but they will also explain the best options available to you and will have time to answer your queries and quell your anxieties one on one. Purchasing a mortgage is a major investment that can inevitably cause stress, much of which can be alleviated by receiving that personal touch and knowing who you are dealing with.

  1. A better choice to suit your needs

An independent mortgage broker has more choice to offer as some mortgage deals are only through those dealing independently. They are not advertised elsewhere. Choose an expert with extensive knowledge who deals with such business each day. Perhaps speak to your broker about the UK government option.

Choose an independent mortgage broker to ease your mind, save yourself time, money and offer you the best options available.



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