Steel Patio Doors

There are many ways that patio doors can help modern Kentucky homes achieve the ideal mix of connecting and separating inner and outdoor living spaces. They change the way people live by allowing more natural light in for a seemingly more spacious and illuminated interior. Steel Patio doors as a design element add a sense of elegance and practicality to any room. Hence, it is important to consider your vision for your Kentucky home’s entry doors.

Here’s a look at some of the top steel patio door styles for your dream house in Kentucky.

Never Go Wrong with a Classic French Door

Every Kentucky homeowner will admit that French doors are stunning! They can soothe or renew a property’s austere appearance while allowing abundant natural light to enter. If your Kentucky home can’t accommodate large doors, you can get a customized sliding French door from Pinky’s Iron Doors to add charm and flair without taking up too much space.

To replace patio doors with French steel doors, you’ll need to create space in your wall. Your passageway’s compact length and vertical wide entrances will appeal to visitors. An added benefit of French doors is that they complement any interior design.

Cozy Comfort with Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are often made with a lot of steel panels on the bottom half and a small window on the upper half. An all-glass Dutch door, on the other hand, gives this type of steel door a fresh twist, especially because it allows in as much light as possible.

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Installing a Dutch steel patio door that leads to the exterior of your home works great for letting light in without any significant renovation or redesign to your interior. The magical vibe these doors give off is unrivalled, creating a comfortable and cozy outdoor family space.

Open Up to the Outside with Sliding Iron Doors

Sliding patio doors are an excellent alternative for people who want to keep connected with the outdoors or have a beautiful garden view from the interior of their Kentucky homes. These entry doors are intricately built, whether you choose a strong entry door with thick glass panels or an elegant model.

Sliding along horizontal tracks at the sill and head, standard patio entry doors can be opened very easily. To fit the owner’s taste, they can be adjusted to open as a left-hand or right-hand action. 

Patio iron doors that precisely frame the entry to your backyard not only add much-needed aesthetic harmony, but also ensure that your backyard becomes a seamless extension of your home.

Illuminate Your Space with Glass Panes

Homeowners in Kentucky should ensure their patio doors accomplish one thing: let some therapeutic natural light in. Homes with dark and stuffy interiors make for dark and gloomy moods. To get the most out of your patio doors, make sure they have wide glass panes and narrow steel or iron pickets.

You might need to reposition your patio iron doors to create a gateway that lets in as much sunshine as possible. Iron doors are a good option for Kentucky homes due to their calming effect, which ensures that the changes in light aren’t too drastic.

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Gorgeous Bi-Folds for Your Entryway

These are a relatively less popular choice for patio entry doors in Kentucky, but they are still both attractive and practical. As the name implies, when these doors are slid open, they fold in half. Even though bi-fold doors are not as small as other patio doors, they combine the advantages of a sliding system and bi-fold doors for a fashionable and convenient-to-use result. 

Bi-folds are a multi-faceted door, which is why you want these iron doors to add value to your Kentucky home. If you’re concerned that these doors are hard to come by, don’t worry. No matter where you live in Kentucky, premium iron door suppliers like Pinky’s Iron Doors transport their bi-folds and other steel and iron doors for zero shipping charges.

You can pick up a set of steel doors in our showroom or have one in-stock door shipped to your Kentucky home. They can be ordered with sidelights or as cold weather doors. Not only that, but steel dividers, patio, and interior doors that slide open into pocketed or pocket-less walls are also available. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for any questions, concerns, or suggestions.



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