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Cooking is an art and a complicated one! But when you have the best Cooking essential tools, Cooking becomes much easier, and you will enjoy it while cooking. In this article, we will describe some best cooking essential tools, which will help you most while cooking. 

Best Cooking essential tools- Make Cooking enjoyable: 


It would be best to have a blender machine when you think about making milkshakes, cocktails, or grinding any cooking ingredients. Besides, you can grind coffee beans with a blender, but you have to keep in mind that the beans should not be blended long enough. Otherwise, overheating can burn them. 

Sometimes you can’t use solid spices, and you may need powder or mixture. For example, you can grind black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon for Cooking with the blender. But make sure the settings of the blender are low. Furthermore, you can chop nuts or make a mixture of butter with it. 

Now, you may be thinking about how to use the Blender machine, or are there any easy procedures? 

Using a blender machine is so much easier. You have to follow only seven steps. As follows: 

  1. Carefully plug the blender into the power source.
  2. Open the lid and put the ingredients inside. If the components are solid and you want powder, then no need to use water; otherwise, you can use water. 
  3. After that, put the lid on and cover it. Make sure you hold it tightly; otherwise, ingredients may fall out. 
  4. Then switch it on and blend. You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t hold the switch on for a long time; give it a little break, check the mixture and continue blending.
  5. When you see the mixture or powder is ready, then unplug the blender from the electric source.  
  6. Afterward, open the blender and carefully pour out the ingredients. 
  7. Now wash the blender and put it on the cover. 

Different types of Blenders are available in the market. The price may start from below 50$, but a little expensive one provides you with durability and desired service. But make sure the blade of the blender is sharp and durable. Besides, three types of blenders have containers made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. So you can have any kind of it. 

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Pro Tips:  We have tasted the three types, but among them, we suggest you have a glass container blender as this blender doesn’t hold the smell of the ingredients, plus you can see the mixture of elements through the glass and get it appropriately blended. 

Espresso machine: 

 Thinking about having a refreshing espresso for you? then you have to maintain certain things like-

  1. To ensure the coffee’s taste and flavor, you must maintain the temperature accurately. 
  2. High-quality steam is necessary for an espresso shot. 

When you have an Espresso machine, you don’t need to follow these rules. Besides, an espresso machine makes sure the pump pressure is consistent, typically nine bar. Plus, with this essential kitchen tool, you can brew the same volume shot size. If you are thinking about the look, don’t worry, these espresso machines have a gorgeous outlook and are very easy to clean. 

You may be thinking about how to use an espresso machine? 

It’s effortless to use an espresso machine. All you have to do is following some easy steps like: 

  1. If you want a perfect espresso shot, you need to grind coffee beans before putting it in the machine.
  2. Then you need to heat the machine before use, and it takes only 20-25 minutes. 
  3. Grind the coffee beans. Now take out the scale from the portafilter and fill the portafilter with 15-20 grams of grind coffee beans. 
  4. After that, lightly tap the coffee on the portafilter with your hands and make sure there is no excessive coffee over the portafilter. 
  5. Now put the portafilter in the right place in the espresso machine, providing necessary water. You can add milk to it. 

Now you can have your creamy espresso shot. It’s so simple.  

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You will find various types of espresso machines available in the market or on e-commerce sites. Furthermore, this machine is available in the market in different price ranges. The price may start from below 150$, but the expensive one will provide a better feature and desired taste of an Espresso shot. Finally, this espresso machine will save your time in the kitchen and provide you with a refreshing espresso shot.

Kitchen Knives: 

While cooking, you have to prepare the ingredients or food items. A better knife is going to help you a lot as it is another best cooking essential tool. On the lookout, there are numerous kinds of knives accessible. But first, you have to decide for what purposes you are going to choose a knife. Besides, you have to understand the quality of the knives, like: Some knives are made of :

  1. Raw Irons 
  2. High Carbon steel 
  3. Stainless Steel
  4.  the composition of High carbon and stainless steel. 

We have tried and examined these knives personally. Knife made of Raw Irons has sharpness, but it won’t serve you for an extended period. Because, when you wash it with water, it will get damaged by rust. The next one comes to High Carbon Steel knives. This knife has incredible sharpness, but it will also get rust and pit. Stainless steel knife doesn’t rust, and you can easily take care of it. But, it doesn’t hold its sharpness. Nowadays, people also use ceramic knives. 

Last but not least comes the composition of High carbon and stainless steel knives. These knives are very durable and have a very sharp edge. We highly suggest this type of knife for your kitchen. 

Secondly, while choosing a knife, you have to be careful about the weight of the knife. Working with a heavy knife is uncomfortable, right? So make sure the weight of the knife isn’t too much. But, this is a fact that you won’t be able to do all kinds of cuts with a single knife. So, buying a kitchen knife set is a good idea.

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Pro Tips: 

Chef’s knife sets are perfect for fulfilling all your kitchen purposes. After using a knife, wash it properly with water and remove the water with a towel. While using a knife, make sure you wear safety gloves. 

Cutting Board: 

The cutting board plays an essential role while using your knife. Now you may be thinking, why is the cutting board a vital kitchen tool? The answer is that the cutting board will save your knife’s sharpness and protect the surface of your kitchen table. But when you buy a cutting board, you have to look upon such a board, which you can clean easily.

There are various kinds of cutting boards available in the market. Among them, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, and bamboo cutting boards are popular. But according to our research, the Woodcutting board will be the suitable one. Because this board is sturdy, self-healing, and most importantly, preserves the knife’s sharpness. 

Pro tip: 

Always place the cutting board on a plane surface and make sure the surface isn’t slippery. Wash the board with clean water after use. 

Nonstick frying cookware: 

Now comes another best cooking essential tool, the nonstick frying cookware. The use of excessive oil and lengthy process makes cooking boring. But, if you choose Nonstick frying cookware, you will need a small amount of oil and surprise!! Food doesn’t stick on the surface of the pan. In the market, you will see many frying cookwares with different qualities. For example, some of them are made of two layers/ three layers/ five layers/ and seven layers. 

The company made layers of these frying pans with aluminum and stainless steel. You can choose any Nonstick frying cookware, but we recommend a five-layer cookware set, as this one is more durable than the other one. 


We have discussed the best Cooking essential tools in this article. Hope that this article is going to help you to make your cooking experience enjoyable and exciting. 








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