If you are looking at buying a new smartphone, you might be shocked by the high price tag of some of the latest models that are available today. The truth is that smartphone technology is advancing all the time, and the prices are only expected to rise even further as smartphones become more and more sophisticated. However, the good news is that you do not have to pay these prices. If you want to get your hands on a modern, up-to-date handset with all the latest features without breaking the bank, there are plenty of reasons to consider buying a refurbished smartphones instead of a brand-new one. Not only are refurbished phones like-new, but they are also much better for the environment, making it a no-brainer for environmentally conscious consumers. Read on to find out more about the main benefits of refurbished phone handsets and why you should seriously consider getting one for your next phone. 

Save Money

The main reason why many people decide to get a refurbished handset instead of buying brand-new is simple: it saves them money. Since refurbished handsets have been used before and you’re not going to be the first person to swipe the screen or press the buttons, they’re priced lower compared to a brand-new, fresh-out-the-box handset. But the good news is that you won’t notice that this is actually a preloved phone if you buy from a reputable seller. Refurbished handsets are available in pristine condition at a fraction of the price compared to buying brand-new. Additionally, if you don’t mind a couple of scuffs on the body, you can get an average refurbished phone for even cheaper. 

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Reduce Ongoing Costs

Along with being cheaper to buy upfront, a refurbished handset can also help you reduce your ongoing monthly expenses. This is mainly due to the fact that most people today will sign up for two years of monthly payments when getting a brand-new phone, since most of them are downright unaffordable for most of us. While this can make sense for some, the rising cost of smartphones means that the monthly price has also gone up significantly in the past few years. With a refurbished phone that’s cheaper to buy outright, you are free to then go ahead and choose a SIM only plan that suits your budget. 

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Quality You Can Trust

Some people might feel sceptical about buying a refurbished handset due to a common misconception that these must be phones that have been returned due to a fault or serious damage. But the truth is that this is not often the case. While some handsets might have been unusable in the past, most of the time they are phones that have been traded in by users who are getting an upgrade, or even phones that have been opened only for the user to change their mind about them. And, even if the phone has been damaged or broken in the past, you can rest assured that those problems are long behind it. As long as you make your purchase from the manufacturer or a trusted seller, you can expect great quality and a smartphone that is in perfect working order. 

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Options to Choose from

When browsing brand-new smartphone handsets, you may have found that there are limited options and a lot of the older handsets are no longer being sold. But with refurbished handsets, you won’t have this problem. If you are looking for an older smartphone handset because you don’t need anything too fancy, are getting your child their first phone and don’t want to spend a lot of money, or you just need a functional smartphone to use for your business, refurbished is the way forward. 

Grades to Choose from

As mentioned above, you can get pristine refurbished phones that look and feel like they might as well be brand-new. But these are refurbished to such a high standard, making them the most expensive option. Luckily, there are different grades to choose from when you get a refurbished handset, so you can decide how much you want to spend based on the condition of the handset. While they’re all in full working order, the grades refer to the cosmetics. You’ll never find anything like a smashed screen or serious cosmetic damage, but there may be some scuffs and marks on a phone in a lower grade, making it available at a lower price – and you can usually cover them up with a case to protect your phone and pretend that the marks were never there. 


Compared to buying a smartphone second-hand in a personal sale, refurbished handsets tend to be a much better option since they will usually come with a warranty provided. In fact, it’s not recommended to buy from a seller if they do not include a warranty with your purchase. A guarantee gives you peace of mind that if anything does go wrong with your phone or if the refurbishment process has not worked to completely rid the handset of any past issues, you can rely on the company that you purchased the phone from to sort the issue out at no additional cost to you. Of course, you might also want to consider other options for protecting your refurbished handset such as gadget insurance, which may be worth considering investing in for once your warranty period has ended. 

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Better for the Environment

Finally, if you care about the environment and are hoping to be more eco-conscious in your future purchases, a refurbished smartphone is the best choice for your next handset. Refurbished handsets are kinder to the environment in many different ways, not least that they are giving all those unwanted handsets a new lease of life and ensuring that they are used for as long as possible rather than going into landfills around the world. In addition to reducing the amount of electronic waste that we generate, refurbished handsets are also reducing the demand for brand-new phones, which is also having a positive impact on the environment by reducing the damage that is caused by the factories and manufacturing plants that make them. 

Whether you want to make eco-friendlier purchases in the future or simply want to save money on buying and maintaining your smartphone, refurbished handsets are the way forward. They often feel and look like a brand-new phone and there are usually tons of models available compared to buying your handset brand-new. You can buy refurbished phone handsets directly from the manufacturer or though trusted retailers that offer a warranty. 

Don’t forget that if you’re in the process of getting a refurbished phone to upgrade from your current handset, you can also often do a trade in, so that more use can come from your unwanted old phone.


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