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Netflix error code NW-2-5 is one of the most commonly faced Netflix issues. This specific error code is caused due to internet connectivity problem. In short, it means there is some hindrance in the connection between your device and Netflix servers. Although sometimes fixing this issue can break your sweat and could be a little challenging but am here to save you from the hard work with this, sit back and go through the content. By the end of it, you’ll successfully be able to fix this error on your device.

As I have mentioned above, Error code-NW-2-5 is a connectivity issue that is primarily caused due to internet or router problems. Error NW-2-5 can find this error on various devices like PlayStation, smart Tv, Xbox 360, Roku etc.

Guide to Fix Netflix Error Code NW 2-5

As Netflix is available on various devices, the steps to fix this error NW-2-5 may differ with the devices. But ill guide you through some general fixes before going onto a specific device fix.

  • Sometimes, you need to tap or click on the “Try Again” option available on the error screen, and your error may be resolved. There are a lot of technical glitches here and there, and sometimes this error could be a cause of a glitch.
  • Test your internet connection, and if your device doesn’t have a function like that, try opening youtube or any other streaming platform and see whether the content is getting streamed or not.
  • Restarting your device can reset the network connectivity and thus could solve the problem instantly.
  • Check that the Network you’re connected with allows Streaming. Often the Wi-Fi networks in schools, universities, or some hotels don’t allow users to stream; thus, contact the network administrator if you doubt the same.
  • Confirm and verify your DNS settings. If your device doesn’t allow it skip this step.

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 2

  • Contact your internet service provider if the error persists.

How to Improve Your Internet Connection.

Making sure your device has the most robust connection strength available often fixes the Netflix Error NW-2-5.So, it’s always good to improve your internet connection before going into any other challenging steps.

Streaming Netflix over Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, but often we keep our routers in congested area’s, which doesn’t allow the device to get a strong network. Its always recommended keeping the router in a free space with no interference. The most efficient way to solve and get the best signal strength is to get wired in again. Wired connections are best in terms of connectivity; thus, you should consider it when you don’t get a good link on your PC or other wire port devices.

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Clearing the cache is another way of taking away the weight from your connection. Try clearing browsing history and cache on the devices connected to the Network.

Fixing Error Code -2-5 on Your Xbox One and Xbox 360/how to Fix Netflix Error in Xbox.

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 3

  • Verify that your Network supports online Streaming:

The administrators of public area networks often restrict devices from streaming content. Check on with them about Netflix streaming. Most of the time, public networks have finite bandwidth to connect to streaming services like Netflix, and that could be the reason behind your Netflix NW-2-5 error code.

  • Test the internet connection of your device.
  1. Click on the main menu and then click on settings and configure your Xbox 360 DNS.
  2. Press the guide button present on your Xbox controller.
  3. Click on the system settings and then go to the Network settings option.
  4. Choose the Network available and then go to Configure Network.
  5. In configure Network, select wireless Network, then select test XBOX LIVE connection.
  6. Select continue.
  • Confirm your DNS settings.
  1. Press the Guide button on the controller
  2. Select system settings present in the settings.
  3. Choose network settings.
  4. Select a network and press configure Network.
  5. In DNS settings, choose the option ” Automatic “.
  6. Turn your Xbox off and after waiting for approx 40 seconds, turn it on.
  7. Connect your Netflix account and relaunch it.
  • Boost signal strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

If the Netflix error NW-2-5 still persists on your device, try this tip to improve the strength of your wireless Network.

  1. Try replacing your router location and check where you get the best strength.
  2. Placing the router on a higher platform and, if possible, even hanging it at a level in the wall affects the connectivity massively. It’s tried and tested.
  3. Don’t keep your wireless devices near the router. Infrared and wireless interference affects the Wi-Fi routers connectivity; thus, keep all your Bluetooth speakers, smartphones and other wireless tech items away from the router.
  • Restart your Network
  1. Turn off and unplug your Xbox device.
  2. Unplug your Wi-Fi router while turning it off for 30 seconds.
  3. Replug your modem again and wait for indicator lights on the device to blink again.
  4. Try to turn on the Xbox device and connect Netflix again.

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 4How to Fix ERROR NW 2-5 on Your Playstation

Getting this error can be frustrating when you wish to binge Netflix on your PlayStation 3 and 4. Worry not, my friend; all you need to do this tweak your configurations or check your connection for a fix.

  • The first step to fix this error is to check for any restrictions on Netflix Streaming on your Network. Check on with your network administrator as Streaming might be blocked intentionally by the internet provider. The bandwidth is usually limited in public domains, and thus, Netflix code NW-2-5 can be a common issue in that case.
  • Reboot your PlayStation device.
  1. Cut the power supply to the device for a minute or two
  2. Press onto the power button placed on the console and discharge it.
  3. Plugin the PlayStation once again and turn on the power switch.
  4. Resume Netflix and check if it works now
  • Tweak your DNS settings
  1. Go to the menu on your device and choose settings.
  2. Select network settings and then Internet connection settings.
  3. Select custom and proceed with the wireless connectivity option.
  4. Go to WLAN Settings to access IP Address Setting. Here you can view your SSID, Security Setting, and Password will populate. Under the WLAN section, select Enter Manually.
  5. In WLAN settings, choose auto-detect option for operation mode.
  6. Then navigate to the IP Address setting select Automatic.
  7. Go to the DHCP hostname in the Automatic settings and select “Do Not Set.”
  8. Now visit the DNS settings and Choose Automatic option.
  9. Next, go to the MTU setting and choose the Automatic option once again.
  10. After choosing automatic in MTU and DNS settings, go to proxy server settings and select Do Not Use.
  11. In the proxy server settings, click UPNP and select enable.
  12. Press the x button to save changes.
  13. Now go back to the menu and choose test connection once it’s successful open Netflix again and stream.
  • Try to connect your PlayStation directly to your Modem – Try bypassing the router that will help you diagnose the problem if it is a router issue or wireless connectivity trouble. Try to turn off your gaming console in the first place and plug your PlayStation device directly with the modem via Ethernet cable. Unplug your modem, resume after a minute, and wait until all the indicator lights start blinking again. Switch on your PS3 or PS4 now and connect Netflix to stream.
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Guide to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 on Your Smart TV

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 5

Smart televisions are the most used streaming devices nowadays. Netflix, with its wide variety of shows and series, has made it into the essentials of smart TV owners. Smart TV’s ship with built-in set-top boxes, which require the Network to connect the applications to the internet. You might face the NW-2-5 Netflix error code on the TV, but don’t worry am here to back you up with some fixes to that issue.

Relax, sit back and follow the instructions to solve the issue.

  1. Test the internet connection and make sure that it is not the router that is giving you this trouble. Check the speed and connection strength. Run a test on the network connection .use, it is a tool powered by Netflix itself.
  2. Check with your internet provider and find out if your connection allows streaming services. Most of the time, home internet providers don’t restrict it, but it’s always better to check with them before taking any further steps.
  3. Restart your Smart TV – Turn Off your TV first and then unplug the power cable. Give a gap of at least one minute between turning the TV off and detaching the power cable. Turn on the TV now and plug the device. Open the Netflix application and check the Streaming now.

Fixing Netflix Error in Your Roku Streaming Stick.

If you encounter an error message Netflix NW-2-5 or “The Netflix services have experienced an internal error” message on your Roku, then your Roku’s information setting requires configuration. The following are the troubleshooting steps to solve the issue:

  • Restart your Netflix. Often there are glitches in the app processing system; thus, restarting it might solve the issue as fresh actions start again in the background.
  • Deactivate and Activate the Netflix App
  • Go to the Roku home screen and select the Netflix app.
  • Press the Star key on the Roku’s remote control and select Remove Channel.
  • Select Remove Channel again to confirm.
  • Go back to the home screen and select Streaming Channels.
  • Select the Movies and TV section to choose Netflix.
  • Select Add Channel followed by Go to Channel.
  • Sign in to your account to resume Netflix again.
  • Check your Network if it supports Streaming. There are chances that your service provider might intentionally block it. It usually happens if you are using the Wi-Fi service provided in the public domain. They typically have finite or limited bandwidth to connect to Netflix, and chances are you must be getting Netflix NW-2-5 error code due to that.
  • Test your internet connection on Roku. Here are some steps to guide you through.
  1. From the Roku Home Screen, select Settings, followed by selecting Network.
  2. From the Roku Home Screen, choose Settings>Network>Connection Status
  3. From the Roku Home Screen, select Settings, followed by choosing Network.
  • Try restarting your home network.
  1. Switch off your Roku device and unplug it.
  2. Also, unplug the router and modem and wait for a minute.
  3. Plug the modem and router and wait until the light starts blinking again on both of the devices.
  4. Plugin your Roku and try to stream Netflix again.
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This article has covered all the fixes available for Netflix error code NW-2-5. Different devices had various fixes guided in the article, and I hope it gets your issue resolved. You can visit the website anytime you wish to look at the fix if you rencounter it on some other device. I hope you guys have a good day! Ciao.


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