In our busy lifestyle, escaping the harsh reality and being efficient with gaming activities is a common wish for almost all people. With the advancement of technology, the world is getting fast forward. 

People these days know nothing but innovation and an advanced lifestyle. But even in this busy life, you cannot skip the entertainment part fully. It’s entertainment that gives us the opportunity to maintain balance in life and stay out of frustration. 

Gaming is a proper entertainment aspect that every gamer wants to spend hours on. But according to our society, there is a particular age of gaming which is totally wrong. 


Well, the drifting games is expanding rapidly, and it is expected to raise USD 339.95 billion by 2027. There is also a chance to create your career in gaming. Being a gamer is now professional.

Except these, what if I say gaming is now the way of earning when you are a normal gamer? 

Would you believe us? 

Well, that is the truth. 

Best Games To Earn Cryptocurrencies In 2023

The days are gone when you were just playing games for entertainment, and now it’s also the main source of earning profit. With the advancement of technology, Blockchain has completely changed the notion of gaming.

Blockchain has created the chance for us to acknowledge the very exciting digital currency: Cryptocurrencies. People are using safe and prominent apps like the bitcoin method for trading purposes.

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While the Crypto market is going through a global expansion, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are creating the gaming world as a better place for investors. 

Through these games, you will be able to be present with the virtual presentation of real-life aspects. 

Let’s find out the best games that you can try and earn Crypto rewards. 

1. Decentraland

It is a virtual reality platform that offers gamers a chance to build their own 3D world with the usage of MANA currency. It works on the Ethereum platform, and you can buy and store your MANA currencies in the Ethereum wallet. 

After buying land in this VR game, you can do whatever you want in your land. It works like a real-world business; thus, you can even open a shop in your Virtual land. On the other hand, you can also pay other players to secure your website while you are offline. 

2. Gods Unchained

This is a Blockchain-based game that allows you to play and earn NTF. The in-game currency here is known as GODS. Every time you defeat the other players, you will get GODS. And after every mission you complete, you will get GODS. 

You can also buy coins to deal with the game whenever needed. A single GOD is valued at around $0.3251, while the game deals with almost 77.36 million coins in the market. 

3. The Sandbox

This is another Blockchain based game that allows the users to build blocks and survive in their own virtual world. In this metaverse, you have to survive and deal with other players to build your house while mining. 

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This game needs three basic instances:

  • Strategy. 
  • Creativity.
  • Survival skills.

This is an encouraging game to get you involved in it once you have opened it. It will encourage you to build more and more so that you can earn more SANDs. One SAND token is valued at $0.8736.

4. Zed Run

You are in the right paragraph if you want to get involved with racing games and also earn a profit. Zed Run allows users to buy and sell horses, upgrade those and also race them to win Cryptocurrencies. 

Here the coin is a ZED coin which you can earn by winning races against others. Apart from that, you can also bet on other players. 

5. Sorare

This one is for the soccer fans out there. This particular fantasy soccer game allows gamers to buy, sell and trade virtual teams. So, here you can play the manager and build your own team where the players are used as cards.

Crypto Gaming Is The Trend. 

If you are a gamer, you can now look for earning in the virtual world. Yes, it is risky, but risks come with rewards. So, if you want to spend your time on entertainment, choose the wise Crypto gaming to ensure that you earn rewards in your free time. 


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