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How do people often use PDFs? Do you find PDF as a convenient format? Is it useful in our current situation? COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing because the number of cases is continually increasing. Therefore, work-from-home jobs and online classes may also extend for another year or more. Nowadays, PDF is the most useful document format in the business and education sector. Important documents such as projects, thesis, journals, lesson plans, proposals, contracts, and other documents are usually in PDF. These documents were transferred using email or uploading using Google Drive. This article details on 5 PDF Converter You Can Use To Double Your Productivity.

PDF is distinct because of its features that you cannot encounter in other formats. These features may help you have an effortless and satisfactory output. These are the features of PDF:

What are the features of PDF?

PDF files are editable. You can add and delete text, delete pages from PDF, turn PDF into image or vice versa, sign PDF and merge PDFs. PDF is reliable because you can open and view your files anywhere you are using your smartphones and laptops. The exchange of confidential information is also secured using PDF because of its security features, such as password protection. PDF also maintains the original format of your documents. This is perfect for creating your resume, portfolios, and project proposals.

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What are the different types of PDFs?

There are different types of PDF depending on how the file was created. The first type is scanned PDF, these are combinations of multiple scanned images without an underlying text layer. Second, PDF formed by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This is usually the converted scanned images to searchable PDF. The text layer is added and can be selected and copied. Lastly, Digitally created PDF or true PDF is created using software such as Microsoft Word and Excel. It comprises a text and image layer. 

As we deal with different documents, we encounter problems like we need to remove unnecessary pages from PDF to make the document short. Instead of deleting all the contents in Microsoft Word, convert the document into PDF for easy editing. These are the different types of software you can use for editing your PDF:

  • Free Online PDF Converter

There are some Online PDF Converters for free on the internet that may help you to convert your documents into PDFs like PDFBear. On their website, you can convert your word, excel, PowerPoint, image, and HTML document to PDF or vice versa. It also has the option of merging, splitting, and deleting PDF pages. If you want to reduce your large file size because it is hard to send in an email, the PDF converter also offers to compress your PDF. Just like other software, you can protect your PDF with a password or unlock it.

  • Microsoft Word

If you only have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. This can be also used to convert your document into PDF. it has the feature of converting PDF into editable word documents. We all know we can edit PDF without converting them into other formats. Usually, this is only used in copying data within the tables. It only works with PDF with mostly textual such as legal documents. It is not applicable to PDF that contains images and diagrams because of changing the format of the documents.

  • Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the most reliable PDF software. You can convert files to and from PDF format. This software has a set of tools that will help you edit your PDF. You can add comments, prepare forms, combine files, search text, secure with a password, and you can add digital signatures. Digital signatures are the most recent feature of Adobe Acrobat that will allow the users to add their signatures that cannot be removed by other users. It also displays the time and date when it was signed. There is also an option that once it is signed, you can lock the document from editing. This will also restrain other users to edit the PDF. This signature is used in legal documents. 

  • PDF software in your computers

Apple products have built-in software for viewing and editing your PDF. You can add and highlight text, merge, rotate and delete pages, and add shapes. You may also insert your e-signature for Windows.

  • PDF application for smartphones

The PDF converter is not only limited to desktop users but also to smartphones. Since you can do things the same on your computer. There are free applications you can find in the app store or play store.

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These applications can manage your PDF. You can convert your files from google drive, Dropbox, and file manager. Now, you can manage your documents at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

In the current situation, PDF is the most reliable format every individual can use especially for the education and business sector. Most of their documents are in PDF format. We all know that PDF preserves the format of your document. 

Since all the transactions are done online. You can easily transfer your file from your google drive to email without damaging its format. You can also compress your word document that contains large-size images and convert it to PDF to make it qualified for the limit of 25MB for your attachment in an email.

Aside from we are adjusting to our current situation, we are also looking forward to paperless information. It saves our mother nature by limiting the use of paper. There is available storage online like google drive for saving these documents. You can access it anytime and anywhere you are. You can pass it to your colleagues and friends in real-time. It is also hassle-free for you because you can access it with your smartphones. 

There are many ways to manage your documents. Don’t panic when you are running out of time to reach your deadline because there are available PDF converters online. 

Learning the uses of PDF will make you efficient in work, saving them time, cost, and hassle in printing.


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