Learning Times Table Essential

Multiplication and long division heavily rely on knowing how to apply different arithmetic operations to numbers quickly. It is best to do the learning of a times table chart to memorize the different multiplication tables. However, before reaching this step, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what multiplication actually is. Only after building clear concepts can you move on to remembering the different multiplication tables. The primary operations in arithmetic are division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. If students do not know how to perform these basic computations, they will never be able to master a subject like Mathematics. More importantly, each and every daily routine activity requires the use of these processes. Thus, it is necessary for students to approach a reliable institution that will give them a quality education. Cuemath is one such platform.

At Cuemath, the certified tutors use several resources such as puzzles, games, apps, interactive worksheets, and visual simulations to deliver an effective lecture. They believe in giving cues to a student if he gets stuck while solving a question rather than telling him the answer. This enables him to build his reasoning and logical skills. By using innovative methods of teaching, they integrate fun with learning to give a student holistic development.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of learning times tables and some effective ways to learn them. 

Importance of Times Tables 

1. Building Blocks for Topics 

Times tables act as building blocks for learning about higher-order topics. Multiplication is not only used to solve simple problems but also is used to perform computations as part of more complicated problems. If you remember the times’ tables, then you can increase the speed and accuracy of solving these problems. If you memorize the times table 2 to 20 you will not require a paper and pen or your fingers to multiply numbers and find values. It also improves a kid’s mental arithmetic ability. 

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2. Aids in Real Life Applications

People use multiplication on a daily-basis knowingly and unknowingly. Suppose you have to go to the stationery shop to get 8 pens. Each pen costs 0.2 dollars. If you want to find the total cost of the pens, all you have to do is multiple 8 with 0.2, which gives 1.6. Thus, you can prepare yourself by taking that much money to the store and also ensure that the shopkeeper doesn’t cheat you. 

3. Promotes a Sense of Numbers

No matter what type of sum you solve, it will require manipulation of numbers. If you learn about multiplication and learn the times’ tables, it helps you to develop the skills needed to play with numbers.    

Methods to Learn Times Tables

The best way to learn about multiplication is by solving numerous math worksheets. These worksheets have a wide-ranging variety of questions based on the topic. Practice is what will help a student master multiplication. In addition to this, you should incorporate visual and graphic learning as part of your curriculum as these techniques help in assimilating the topic in a better manner. You can also learn about the history of multiplication to increase your enthusiasm and motivational levels. 


Multiplication is one of the best tools that is available to a person. They reduce the time taken to solve complicated problems. By sincerely understanding and memorizing the times’ tables, you will find it very easy to attempt any type of question. Hopeful, this article gives you a better idea of how to use multiplication and times tables!  


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