Best Social Media Analysis Tools for Businesses

Best Social Media Analysis Tools for Businesses

What is social media analytics? : Social media analytics is the process of gathering data from social media platforms and analyze the data using social media analytics tools to make sound business decisions. The primary purpose is to mine customer sentiment to help support customer service and marketing services.

The social media intelligence begins by determining business goals from the gathered and analyzed data. The objectives include;

• Increase revenues.

• Lower customer service costs.

• Improve public opinion of a particular brand or business division, and

• Get feedback on products and services.

Best Social Media Analysis Tools for Businesses

Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics

Today, modern society has witnessed a surge of internet users, resulting in more social and business interconnections. With this, most companies or brands have opted for online marketing and presence. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have established themselves as the steering platforms for creating and building audiences and advertising for brands online.

Even though maintaining an online presence can be time-consuming or demanding (requiring skills to keep the prospects engaged), this shouldn’t stress you because social media tools achieve ease. They include;


You can use NetbaseQuid to expand or solidify your brand or company’s online presence. It ranks top as an engaging and renowned social media analytics platform, meaning it can help build and run your business and connect with clients in real-time.

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The NetbaseQuid platform uses artificial intelligence in its mechanisms of work to produce accurate data and analytics. With this, it permits gain brands insights generated from;

• Competitive analysis

• Influencer identification

• Crisis response

• Image analysis

• Social media monitoring

• Social listening.

That means with NetbaseQuid; you will have in-depth know-how of the dynamic market and social trends. This helps keep your brand aligned with your existing and potential customers.


If you are an independent innovator or creator, CrowdBooster is meant for you. With this platform, you can solidify your online presence, reach and engage your target audience in social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Besides, you can seek to commission for your latest project(s). Also, you get the support of press releases and shipping management when your project is funded.


This platform uses Snapchat and Instagram as the steering platforms to track followers’ growth from the page(s) and completed views.


With AgoraPulse, you monitor communications in social media services platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and engage them in a central inbox.


With SocialDrift, you increase followers organically through the automation of Instagram interactions. You only key in your target audience’s information, and then the system automatically engages them via comments, likes, and follows. The engagement offers possibilities to your audience to resonate about what you shared with them, and then they follow back.

How Helpful Is Social Media Analytics to A Business?

As a company or brand manager, you can use social media analytics to make the sound make sound marketing decision, because the analytics helps:

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• Measure Your ROI and prove the impact of the marketing strategy.

• Formulate better business and strategic decisions, since analysis provides you with data to benchmark your competitors, respond to trends timely, minimize business risks. That means, without the data, you may not flow the right path in making business decisions.

• Make a comparison of your social media performance with that of your competitor. This helps understand them and find ways to outdo them.

• Track your marketing team’s efficiency.

• Understand your audience because analyzing previous posts can help devise an effective way of sharing the next posts.

• Reveal the best social networks to use and engage your prospects. That means the analytics reveals to you the best social media campaigns that perform best.

• create better content with the help of social data.

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