Class 9 Hindi Exam

Like English, Hindi is also a language subject that is ignored by the students of Class 9. They do not focus on this subject at the start of their academic session. When the examination comes near, they panic and become confused about how to start their preparation. Students have to focus on their examinations as in this stage they build their foundation for higher studies. Therefore, neglecting the Hindi subject and not studying it regularly may affect the result of Class 9 students for Class 9 Hindi Exam.

The most important thing to keep in mind while starting the preparation is that a student must know about their Class 9 Hindi syllabus. The CBSE has prescribed books for the students of Class 9 Hindi exam. There are four NCERT Class 9 Hindi Exam Books. The name of these books are given below:

  • Sparsh 
  • Sanchayan
  • Kshitij
  • Kritika

The chapters included in these books have to be studied thoroughly by the pupils if they want to get good marks in their Hindi exam of Class 9. The name of the lessons of these four books are as follows:

  • Chapters of Class 9 Hindi Sparsh
  1. Dhool
  2. Dukh Ka Adhikar
  3. Everest – Meri Shikhar Yatra
  4. Tum Kab Jaoge Atithi
  5. Vaigyanik
  6. Kichad Ka Kavya
  7. Dharm Ki Aad
  8. Shukra Tare Ke Samaan
  9. Raidas Ke Pad
  10. Rahim Ke Dohe
  11. Aadmi Nama
  12. Ek Phool Ki Chah
  13. Geet Ageet
  14. Agnipath
  15. Naye Ilake Mein, Khushboo Rachte Hai Hath


  • Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan lessons
  1. Gillu 
  2. Smriti
  3. Kallu Kunar Ki Unakoti
  4. Mera Chota Sa Niji Pustakalaya
  5. Hamid Khan
  6. Diye Jal Uthe
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  • Lessons of Class 9 Hindi Kshitij
  1. Do Bailon Ki Katha
  2. Lhasa Ki Aur
  3. Upbhoktavad Ki Sanskriti
  4. Sanwale Sapno Ki Yaad
  5. Nana Saheb Ki Putri Devi Maina Ki Bhasm Kar Diya Gaya
  6. Premchand Ke Fate Joote
  7. Mere Bachpan Ke Din
  8. Ek Kutta Aur Ek Maina
  9. Sakhiyaan Avam Sabad
  10. Vaakh
  11. Saveye
  12. Kaidi Aur Kokila
  13. Gram Shri
  14. Chandra Gehna Se Lautati Bair
  15. Megh Aaye
  16. Yamraj Ki Disha
  17. Bache Kaam Par Ja Rahe Hai


  • Class 9 Hindi Kritika Chapters
  1. Is Jal Pralay Mein
  2. Mere Sang Ki Auratein
  3. Reedh Ki Haddi
  4. Mati Wali
  5. Kis Tarah Akhirkar Main Hindi Mein Aaya

With Hindi Literature, questions from Hindi grammar also come in the paper of the Class 9 Hindi examination. Underneath are the topics given in the book of Class 9 Hindi Vyakaran:

  1. Unseen Passage
  2. Unseen Poem
  3. Upsarg
  4. Prataya
  5. Samaas 
  6. Vakya Bhed
  7. Alankar
  8. Varn Vichedh
  9. Anuswar Avam Anunasik
  10. Nukta
  11. Sandhi
  12. Viram Chinha
  13. Essay Writing
  14. Paragraph Writing
  15. Letter Writing 
  16. Picture Composition
  17. Dialogue Writing
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Now, this article will discuss some effective tips to top the Hindi Examination of Class 9.

  • Be An Early Bird.

Students should start studying and preparing for their exams as soon as possible. At the start of their academic session, they should concentrate on their studies. This will help them to prepare better and will reduce chaos and tension when the examination comes near.

  • Fruitful Study Plan.

A better schedule enables students to take out some time for studying. Students should construct a timetable such that they can allot at least 2 hours to study Hindi. With this, they should also include playtime so that they can refresh their minds.

  • Satisfactory Learning Materials.
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If students choose the right course resources, then the preparation becomes easy. Pupils should prefer the NCERT book of Class 9 Hindi as this book is recommended by the CBSE. Also, the content of this book is prepared by the subject matter experts. The chapters of this book are written in simple dialect so that students can comprehend them easily.

  • Read, Learn And Write.

The technique of learning by writing assists students in their preparation. They should read lessons and solve the NCERT questions. By practising questions, students will remember the summary of the chapters till the examination. Also, the habit of writing will give an idea about how to attempt questions and write answers in the proper layout. Students can easily understand and learn all the chapters if they develop and enhance their habit of writing.

  • More Questions, More Marks.

The other educational materials a student can refer to are the guidebooks, sample papers and previous years questions papers. While practising these papers, students will get to know about the exam pattern. Also, they will get a hint about the types of questions asked and the questions which are frequently asked. By this method, students will know about the important topics so that they can prepare them first.

  • Enrich The Grammatical Skills.

Most of the students are unable to attempt the questions of the grammar section and due to this, their results get affected. The reason behind why students make mistakes in the grammar section is that they are unaware of the grammar rules. They are advised to study and learn the rules of Hindi grammar. They can practice various questions to examine themselves and to make their concepts strong.

  • Do Proper Revision.
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Before the examination day, students should not learn or study new concepts as by doing so, they will mess up all the things and topics they have learnt for the examination. They should revise instead of preparing new or difficult chapters. They can take the help of their notes to recall the name of the authors. They can also use visual learning aids like “Youtube” to clear their doubts.

  • On The Day Of The Examination.

The examination day is important in a student’s life. This is the day a student gets to know how much they have prepared for the examination. They should try to remain refreshed, relaxed and calm. After the distribution of the question paper, they should read it carefully. Students should solve the easy questions first but in order. They should maintain their writing speed with accuracy so that they can complete their paper on time.




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