Things Keep Being Successful

Everyone likes success but not all have what it takes to be successful. Many times it is your own perception and approach that becomes a hurdle in your way. So whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a company like Charter Spectrum or a college student aspiring to get into Harvard Law School, there are certain traits and habits you need to develop/adapt in order to fully utilize the opportunities you are presented with. Let’s see things that keep you from being successful.

Instead of blaming luck, people, or circumstances for your failures, you should try to self-analyze and identify the signs that are keeping you from being successful. Doing so can help you recognize the problem and thus rectify it for future progress.

Following are some signs that mean you’re ruining or not availing your opportunities for success.

1. Act As You Know it All

If you wish to grow and evolve constantly, you need to be willing to learn. And that won’t be possible if you think you already know everything. Even the CEO of a big company reads an average of 50 books a year to enhance their knowledge. The point is if you consider yourself someone who knows enough, you become stagnant. Therefore it is important to allow yourself to learn from other people’s experiences, insights, and viewpoints. Besides people, you can increase your knowledge from several other sources including books and travel.

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2. Fear of Failure

When you really want to achieve something, you must not let fear bog you down. This is because when you are fearful of not being able to deliver or perform up to the expectations (of others or your own) you are burdening yourself with unnecessary pressure. This can affect your performance negatively and even if you were capable of doing a task well, fear of failure would keep you from doing so. So let go of this fear and remember, failure is only part of the journey, and there are no shortcuts to success.

3. You Can’t Work with Others

You may think you are self-sufficient and can do all the work single-handedly. But to be successful in the long run, you need to be a team player. In the words of Michael Jordan “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” When you are unable to work with others productively, it gives out a sign that you’re insecure. And insecurity doesn’t let you excel in life. 

4. You Don’t Take Chances

To make it big in life, you’ve got to take chances. This does not mean you should be reckless about your decisions and actions. But you should move out of your comfort zone and do your best in the given circumstances. Assess the pros and cons, make secondary plans, and then take the leap. Some chances are worth taking for if you don’t you’d miss out on great opportunities and regret them later. 

5. You Don’t Listen

If you don’t listen to the suggestions and opinions of others, you can end up making poor decisions. Even when you have made up your mind about something, always pay heed to what others have to say. If you ignore other’s points of view, they will notice and may take it negatively. This also means they would refrain from giving you future advice thinking you don’t give it value. So you’ll not only lose out on potentially useful insights but also end up offending your well-wishers. 

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6. You Give More Weightage to Popularity Than Integrity

Trying to climb up the social ladder to attain personal validity is a totally wrong approach. It may even require you to sacrifice or compromise on your values and manners. And when you tend to give more importance to popularity than integrity, you distance yourself from the possibilities of success. To be validated in the truest sense, you need people to respect you which is only possible if you focus your energies on productive tasks instead of social media likes. 

7. You Excuse Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and there is no shame in it! So instead of excusing your mistakes, have the courage to admit them.

Remember, mistakes are an integral part of your journey to success. Therefore, it always pays to analyze them, learn from them, and move forward with greater conviction and confidence.


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