Are you crazy about design and everything that has to do with art and creativity? Keep reading because today we bring you information about graphic design courses in Australia. Every day hundreds of questions related to professional training courses, here called VET (Vocational Education Training) courses, arrive in our “mailbox”.

There are many of you who already have a good level of English, and what you want now is to set out professionally and even reinvent yourself while you study in Australia! and also, more and more of you are interested in more creative and artistic themes such as graphic design, photography, cinema, web page design, etc…

The good news is that in Australia you can train in all these areas and for this, there is nothing better than a VET course that you can combine with work and that is not excessively expensive like university. And in addition, their certificates have worldwide recognition.

Many of you have asked us for information about studying a graphic design course in Australia and it seems so cool to us that in this post we are going to tell you all the details so that you can jump into it once and for all.

What does a graphic designer do?

The world of graphic design is exciting and it is becoming more and more popular and in demand in the job market. The graphic design industry is constantly expanding, practically in all companies the advertising and marketing area has a team of designers responsible for image design.

Graphic design professionals are dedicated to creating designs to communicate a message or idea in an attractive and super cool way to capture the attention of the person who sees it.

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His work extends beyond making drawings and to carry it out it is necessary to have certain skills and technical knowledge. The key is to communicate, and not only do you have to master the technique, you also have to have good taste, style, know how to combine colors and fonts, get along with the client and adapt to a team project.

Skills you can develop and learn

By studying a Graphic Design Diploma in Australia, you will acquire the skills necessary to create logos, website interfaces, social media content, brand identity, manipulate graphics and master digital art.

As the course progresses you will be surprised to learn that you are capable of creating and developing answers to communication problems and you will see how you begin to master aesthetics, composition and images. If you like this world you will enjoy like a dwarf studying a graphic design course in Australia. This course is also compatible if you are already a design professional who wants to expand your knowledge, since you will learn English vocabulary related to your sector and a new work approach that you probably did not know in your country.

What topics am I going to study?

The classes have a strong practical component and a theory part. The development of the course is based above all on developing artistic projects that are always applicable to a real environment.

Some examples of subjects are:

  • Creating and Manipulating Charts
  • Producing typographic design solutions
  • Research history and theory of visual communication
  • Drawing
  • Redefine drawing and other visual representation skills
  • Investigation of technologies for the creation of digital art
  • Creative project
  • Interpreting and responding to a design brief
  • Production of graphic designs for 2D and 3D applications
  • Mass media advertising creation
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I’m interested! I want to study graphic design in Australia

If you really want to study a graphic design course or diploma in Australia, we have a recommendation for you.

Although your school will also depend on the destination you choose, we recommend the Entrepreneur Education in Gold Coast. In this highly trusted super school, one of the best VET graphic design courses in the country is taught.

This school has the Certificate IV in Design, the Diploma in Graphic Design and the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.

Certificate IV will provide you with an introduction to interior design, fashion design, and graphic design. In addition to touching on topics related to illustration, design principles and basic concepts of graphic design.

If after obtaining the Certificate IV with this design course, you want to continue your studies and get the Diploma, with the Graphic Design Diploma you will dive into the design of packages, complex designs, specialized fields, but most importantly, it will prepare you to work in the industry and to deal with real clients.

And finally, if you want to continue your training towards higher professional goals such as being a freelance or leading teams, the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design is a level 6 qualification where you will learn about user interface design (application design), platform websites, complex package design and elective projects.

In addition, one of its great advantages compared to other schools is that they offer the possibility of doing professional internships in their own design studio, Estudio 101.

And for those people who do not have a minimum level of English, an essential requirement for these courses, Entrepreneur Education offers a special package together with the Imagine school to study English for a few weeks before the Certificate or Diploma. In this way, students will be able to access these courses with the necessary level of English!

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You can also choose to study graphic design in Sydney, at ACBI, where you can study the graphic design diploma. If you still want to continue studying, you can enroll in the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. On, you can find more educational institutions that provide graphic design courses.


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