We live in a dynamic world, and this is evident in the workplace. The skills and qualifications that got you top positions a few years ago may not even get you a foot in the door these says. This is why you need to keep upgrading your skills. For finance professionals, it takes much more than a degree in accounting or finance to snag that dream job. You need all the relevant skills and more. Even after you get the job, you have to keep being on top of your game if you don’t want your employer to show you the gate. Below are the skills you need to survive and thrive in the exciting world of finance.

Relevant Computer Skills

A career in finance requires a sound knowledge of the relevant IT software. In the finance world these days, automation and digitization is the name of the game. It follows that employers are looking for finance experts with the right IT skills. To be specific, employers want candidates who can use SAP accounting software. Finance experts with knowledge and competence in predictive analysis are the ones who will keep their jobs in the present era. If you are reading this and you want to get ahead in your finance career, learn to use accounts payable automation software, install all the right software you need for the job and become adept at using them. This way, you will grow in your current job and even get new opportunities. 

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Aptitude for Financial Reporting

You probably think writing skills have no connection to a career in finance. Now, this is where you are wrong because financial reporting skills will take you very far in the world of finance. In simple English, financial reporting is the ability to prepare a document that reflects a company’s financial status. This document might be required by investors, management, the government or joint-venture partners. A finance expert preparing this document needs technical writing skills and the ability to break down complex financial terms into relatively simple expressions. 

Sound Analytical Know-How

Now, this is one skill that separates the truly competent finance professional from others who are just going through the motions. Your career in finance will grow if you have the ability to analyze scenarios and draw the right conclusions. In this context, we are talking about strategic thinking, interpreting statistics, using big data and even predicting trends correctly. An expert in finance is not the one who knows all the theories but cannot put them into practice. What finance organizations need is the finance analyst who can walk the talk by giving the right results. If you have this skill, you can practically write your own ticket.

Problem-Solving Skills

If you want to go far in your finance career, you have to go beyond having a sound knowledge of systems and processes. You need to be a problem solver with the ability to think on your feet. Sometimes, problems arise in the workplace that have nothing to do with your training and “book knowledge”. If you can pass this test, your employers and clients will take note of this and it will boost your career prospects. These unexpected problems might include coming up with the solution to a complicated business problem for a client or creating a personalized solution for a complex tax dilemma. Once you develop a solid reputation as a problem solver, your career will grow. 

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A Capacity for Innovation

The world of finance is a conservative one but this does not mean there is no room for innovation. You can make yourself more valuable to your employers if you have a habit of applying innovative solutions to problems that other experts have tried to solve by using the old methods. You can also make yourself more relevant by introducing innovations and ensuring that these innovations help the company. These are signs that you are committed to the growth of the company and all employers simply love committed employees.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an invaluable asset in every industry. In the world of finance, you need this ability to explain complex financial jargon in clear and simple terms. If you want to go far in your finance career, you need both oral and written communication skills. 

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Some years ago, experts in finance were desk-bound executives whose major job requirements were crunching out numbers and balancing the books. These days, everything has changed. If you want to move up in the finance industry today, you need excellent interpersonal skills. This is because your job involves dealing with clients and keeping them happy. Make an important client unhappy and the boss might show you the gate. Interpersonal skills also come in at the workplace because you are not some a lone wolf finance executive. You are most likely part of a team, so you need to learn the art of performing as a team player. Without excellent interpersonal skills you are not likely to go far in your finance career.

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Getting ahead in the finance world is not all about numbers and figures. You need both hard and soft skills to grow in this industry. Learn new skills, be innovative and develop a reputation as a problem solver. These qualities will take you to the top.


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