What Happens to A Cable or Internet Contract If You Move?

There often comes a time when it becomes necessary to break ties with a cable or internet service provider. There can be multiple reasons for it. For instance, you are not getting what you were promised or you might be moving to another location or city. Whatever the reason may be, you should be aware of the cancellation process. This is because if you don’t know how to get rid of a cable or internet contract then there is a chance that you might end up wasting both your money and time.

If you are in a contractual relationship with a provider, then you would have to pay a termination fee. But if you are a renter then it is best to search for those providers that have no contract policy. This will save you from paying a termination fee whenever you want to cancel the service. There are multiple providers that would not bind you in a contract such as Spectrum. This is the reason why I subscribed to their service after checking out the Spectrum internet prices.

How Can You Cancel a Cable or Internet Contract?

When you have decided to no longer avail the services of your cable or internet service provider then make sure to return the equipment. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding their service or the reason why you are ditching their service then it is better to share with them. This might help them improve upon the quality of their service. Here are some tips that you should consider while canceling a cable or internet contract.

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1. Read Through the Terms & Conditions Carefully

No matter which service provider you choose, as long as they want you to bind in a contract, it is important for you to read the terms and conditions carefully. Oftentimes, some ISPs would give you cheaper rates for signing a contract of one or two years. So, if you plan to stay at a place for at least a couple of years then you should certainly opt for it. Plus, if you cancel a provider’s service within the first fifteen days or notify them within the predefined notice period mentioned in the contract then will not charge you any fees.

2. Mind the ETF

Most TV and internet service providers offer their users ETF. This means that people who are subscribed to their service would get a special discount if they stick to the contract for a year minimum. However, if someone breaks it then they would be charged a fee per month throughout the remaining duration of the contract. You would have no choice but to pay the fee as it is in accordance with the law. And if you do not then the provider will have the choice to claim it legally which might put you into trouble.

3. Avoid Equipment Charges

When you subscribe to an ISP then they might offer you rental hardware such as routers or modems. You will then be charged per month for them. If you want to avoid this fee then you would need to purchase your own equipment. But if you want to use theirs then it is important for you to return them when you cancel their service or you would have to pay the price in full. You must know your provider’s retail location in order to return their hardware.

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4. Call Your Provider’s Customer Service

If you have made your mind to cancel your provider’s service then there is no harm in calling their customer service to get more insights into their cancellation policy. This would help you know about all the necessary steps that you would have to take to cancel the subscription successfully. It will also let you know if your service provider would charge you any fees if you opt for cancellation. And if so, then how much it would be.


If you wish to cancel the service of your provider then the above-mentioned tips will surely help you a lot in this regard. Just remember to carefully go through the contract and communicate with your service provider to have a better understanding of how the cancellation process will take place. Also, returning the company’s hardware would save you from putting a dent in your wallet. Moreover, it is always helpful if you look for a provider that offers a contract buyout policy. This would make the entire process even simpler.



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