Instant And Brewed Coffee: What Is The Difference?

Millions of people are fans of coffee, which is why it is so popular on all continents. The history of this drink dates back to the distant past, and today, consumers have access to different versions of coffee, where the main types can be called brewed and instant. 

Many people know that coffee is a good water source, but there are still disputes about which drink is more useful or, conversely, more harmful – freshly ground brewed or instant. It is worth examining this question in more detail.

History Of Coffee Appearance

In the fifth century, shepherds observed a strange picture: goats that ate coffee fruit became more vigorous and more resilient. By trying to brew the berries, people got the same effect, although the drink’s taste could have been better. Later, man learned to process the fruit by removing the top layers and drying the grains in the sun. Dry processing is still used in some countries, although it is considered more costly than the innovative washing method. 

Brewed And Ground Coffee – Similarities And Differences

Coffee is valued primarily for its refreshing and captivating aroma. If you sit in front of your computer for a long time looking for new casino games free or other vital information, you get tired, and it is time to take a time break for coffee. It is drunk everywhere:

  • in cafes;
  • offices;
  • at home;
  • on the go;
  • on a trip;
  • on a walk.
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A friendly conversation is much warmer and more pleasant over a cup of hot coffee. And if you are passionate about online games and suddenly found the best free slot game with no download, you certainly can not do without invigorating caffeine.

So, which coffee is healthier and more natural – brewed or instant? Let’s start with the first option.

Brewed Coffee

These are ground beans that are minimally processed. At the same time, it is essential to respect the timing and tightness of packaging, as over time, oils oxidize and will be bitter. The ideal beverage is cooked within 30-60 minutes of grinding. In this case, it gives the maximum flavor, properties, and substances. 

Well-known coffee houses are constantly working on new brewing technologies, inventing new methods, and looking for the best coffee maker on the planet to offer their visitors the perfect beverage. Today, there are more than 15 known ways to brew ground beans, including:

  • espresso machine;
  • Aeropress;
  • mocha;
  • Melitta;
  • cold brew;
  • Turkish coffee;
  • The Clever Dripper and others.

But even the perfect coffee can have drawbacks. They apply in particular to cases of abuse of the beverage, such as:

  • heart palpitations;
  • insomnia;
  • high blood pressure.

To avoid such consequences, you should use coffee moderately.

Soluble Coffee

The technology of instant coffee is quite complex and multistep. The first to come up with such a variant is considered to be two inventors, independent of each other:

  • in 1890 – New Zealander David Strang;
  • in 1891 – the American chemist Satori Kato.
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Thirty years later, Max Morgensteller from Nestle offered to put instant coffee into mass production, and it was called “NESCAFE.”  

The soldiers of the First and Second World Wars used to put it in their packets. The tradition of drinking instant coffee came from here. People quickly appreciated the ease and speed of making the drink, which is still one of the most popular today. Its advantages include:

  • simplicity and ease of preparation;
  • affordability;
  • no need for expensive equipment and skills.


  • instant coffee is made from a cheaper variety of beans;
  • may have a sourness due to the specific technology of production;
  • contains less caffeine, which gives a stimulating effect.

During processing, instant coffee loses most of its valuable properties. However, it is still appreciated by consumers as before.

Which Coffee Is Better To Drink – Ground Or Instant?

Due to the fifth coffee wave, more and more gourmets prefer the brewed version. It is much more expensive and made in elite institutions, so it is not available to the masses. 

The instant drink is inexpensive and takes 2 to 3 minutes to prepare. This is very convenient and practical in the fast pace of life. Let’s bring out each option’s main pros and cons, and everyone chooses the most acceptable format for himself.

A lot of interesting information about coffee can be found in the article of the authoritative publication on The collected information is worth attention to and will be helpful to read.


Coffee type Advantages Disadvantages
Brewed Contains more nutrients and caffeine, has a strong aroma and taste It takes longer to prepare, it is more expensive to buy, and it requires certain skills and equipment for preparation
Soluble Affordable, quick to prepare, everyone can do it, you just boil water and add the powder Contains less caffeine and more theobromine, which contributes to sleepiness
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Who Consumes The Most Coffee

Many research centers conduct analyses and statistics on coffee consumption in different areas: professional activity, number of cups, etc. The British company Pressat found that 85% of respondents drink 3 or more cups daily. There are only 5% more men among coffee drinkers. 

But professional activity is much more enjoyable. People that can’t do without coffee are:

  • journalists;
  • police officers;
  • teachers;
  • salespeople;
  • medical personnel;
  • IT specialists;
  • drivers.

We can also add gamblers to this list, who sit up late at night searching for paid and free games for play and often make themselves a coffee to stay awake. If you are one of them, make coffee and click and play new slots for free.

Coffee has long been an authentic tradition of many generations and peoples. Some people choose the delicate berry and citrus arabica, which costs more but has a softer and more aromatic flavor. You can learn more about the variety here at Others prefer rich, bitter, and more affordable Robusta. In any case, everyone determines what kind of coffee suits him best, as well as the preparation method and production technology.



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