Buying a sex toy

If you’re new to the world of sex toys, you might not know exactly what considerations should go into making an informed choice. The sex toy industry is so vast, diverse, and at times complicated, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by just how much choice there is. Whether you’re looking for a vibrator, a cock ring, or even just a pair of nipple clamps, you might find it impossible to make an informed decision. You might also find it difficult to differentiate the good toys from the rip-offs when Buying a sex toy. W

What sex toy materials are best when Buying a sex toy? What is an acceptable price for a sex toy nowadays? And is this toy even any good? – these are all common questions that you need to be asking yourself before handing over your money for a sex toy. While it can help to read the best sex toy reviews available online, it’s also important to take a couple of important factors into consideration before purchasing your toy. 

Sex Toy Materials: What’s Safe when Buying a sex toy?

When it comes to putting things in or near the intimate parts of your body, it’s essential to ensure that the product is safe. Choosing body-safe materials is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping online or in-person for a sex toy. So, what materials are safe for sex toys, and what materials should you categorically avoid?

Silicone- Buying a sex toy

Silicone is one of the most commonly used sex toy materials and is 100% body-safe. High-quality toy manufacturers will use silicone widely in their production of sex toys, and will often opt for the highest-quality medical-grade silicone. Any toy made with 100% silicone is totally safe to use and can be cleaned with a simple wash with soap and water. 

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ABS Plastic

Sometimes, plastic is necessary for a toy. Either to provide buttons, craft a firm handle, or simply because the structure of the wand cannot be made entirely with silicone. In this case, ABS plastic is the most widely-used body-safe sex toy material and is 100% safe to put on your intimate body parts. ABS plastic can be washed and cleaned thoroughly with just some soap and water. 


Glass is another body-safe material commonly used in the production of sex toys. Glass can be inserted safely into the body and is simple to clean with warm water and soap. You can also sterilize glass in hot water if you prefer. 


Steel is 100% body-safe and also one of the most durable sex toy materials on the market. With the right TLC and care, a steel sex toy can last a lifetime. Steel can be sterilized in hot water or washed with warm soap and water. 

And What’s Unsafe?


PVC is one of the worst offenders when it comes to unsafe sex toy materials. PVC is linked to the toxin phthalates, which have been linked to everything from cancer and infertility to birth defects in pregnant women. PVC is often found in jelly dildos and certain other sex toys, typically those sold on Amazon and other unregulated online retailers. You should categorically avoid PVC sex toys – especially PVC dildos.

Soft Plastics

When sex toy manufacturers craft products with a soft, life-like feel (such as realistic, textured dildos) they often use soft plastics to replicate that realistic skin sensation. While this might feel great to the touch, these materials are impossible to clean thoroughly. Soft plastic is considered a porous material, which means tiny microscopic holes in the material can hold – and be penetrated by – bacteria. Even with thorough surface cleaning, soft plastic cannot ever be fully rid of bacteria. Either use these toys with a condom or replace them very, very, very frequently. Never share porous toys, and never switch them between vaginal use and anal use.

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Any sex toy made with TPE is not considered body-safe: TPE is a form of soft plastic, and a porous material that is impossible to clean thoroughly. TPE toys should be worn with condoms or replaced very frequently. 

Porous vs. Non-porous: What does it mean?

In the world of sex toys, whether or product is porous or non-porous makes all the difference to both the quality and durability of the toy. If a toy is non-porous, it means that the surface material is impenetrable by bacteria, making it 100% safe for the body and fully washable with just soap and water. If a toy is porous, it means that the surface material of the toy contains mini, microscopic holes in which bacteria can fester. This means that even with a thorough cleaning, porous toys can still hold and spread bacteria. Experts will always advise you to opt for silicone or other body-safe toys, rather than taking a chance on a porous material. 

The Importance of Reading Toy Reviews

Another important factor when choosing a sex toy is seeing if other users had a good experience with the toy or not. While you might be able to discover important information from the product description and marketing alone, you can’t truly know how good it is until you’ve tried it – or listened to the subjective opinion of somebody who has. Here are just a number of reasons why it’s important to read sex toy reviews before purchasing:


You can’t hear a toy through its product description – that’s why it’s super important to listen to user experiences when it comes to the noise of a sex toy. This is especially essential if you live in shared accommodation, or have children. 

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Toy strength

While some sex toys promise intense vibrations and out-of-this-world orgasms, sometimes their promises simply don’t live up to the hype. User reviews will help you differentiate between the marketing and the 


Sex toys can be expensive these days – that’s why it’s important to know how long your toy is going to last. User reviews will be able to let you know if a toy peters out after a couple of months of use.

Size and Suitability

Sex toy reviews can show up-close photographs of the toy, so you can see it from every angle and analyze its girth, length, and width, along with its texture. User reviews will also allow you to see if the size descriptions and user recommendations match up to reality when used by a real person. This is especially true when it comes to size: certain toys will be labeled as beginner-friendly but will be unsuitable for first-timers or novices.


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