Winter can be harsh with its minus temperatures and chilly wind. You would need to be efficient in terms of energy. The best way to do it is to insulate the garage. You can get a pre-insulated garage door or insulate your previous door. A garage door insulation service is what you need to get this done professionally according to STIGarageDoor.

It would help you stay warm without blasting your heater at a high level. Apart from the temperature, insulation also helps to prevent the noise from piercing through. Let’s check a step-by-step guide on how to stay warm and calm this winter.

Insulation process

The insulation process is not long and complicated. However, one would require previous technical and mechanical knowledge to do the insulation process. You can insulate the doors in the following manner:

  • Measure the panels — it is crucial to measure the panels because the measurements will help you to cut the insulating material accordingly (always measure from the side or the tracks to the middle).
  • Cut the material — you can buy pre-cut insulating material or you can cut based on the measurements; if you are using fiberglass, then you may buy smaller portions called fiberglass batts.
  • Use proper materials and equipment — you can use different materials and equipment, but try to apply professional solutions. Sure you can always cut with a simple utility or a kitchen knife; you need to make the knife sharp and to not destroy the material while cutting.
  • Put it up — with the help of retainer pins and caps, you can fix the insulation on the panels; after putting them up, make sure there is no gap left.
  • Test — you can press the garage door to pretend like there is a wind that will bring out the gaps clearly. Fix all the gaps by putting an extra layer of insulation.
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Types of material

Insulating materials are of chiefly 3 types. You may choose any one of them. Let us have a look at their characteristics:


One of the strongest materials available is fiberglass. They are not easy to break and act as a good barrier to wind and sound. The thickness is about 3 to 4 inches and the cost per square foot is around $0.30. When you are installing insularity on a pre-existing garage door, a fiberglass batt is the best choice. They are easy to handle and install.


The material used is polystyrene. This type is similar to a foam board, hence the name. This one is perfect for larger panels and larger doors. When you get a new garage door, then you may go for foam board insulation.

The material is thin, and light yet provides stronger insulation. Since it provides strong insularism in just 1 or 1/2 inch, the cost is slightly higher, i.e. $0.6.


Another popular material is reflective foil. It is an additional layer on the already present insulation. The cost is $0.4 per square foot. This choice is popular for summer as it reflects the heat rays. Using them alone won’t be helpful, as the cold waves and wind can seep in during the winter and bring higher heat costs.

Cost of the process

The cost entails the garage door, insulating material, and installation charges. If you are buying a garage door with insulation, the cost would be less compared to buying them separately.

Let us take the installation of fiberglass batts. The cost, as mentioned before, is $0.30. That would mean that a 15-foot by 15-foot door panel would cost $67.5. Next comes the installation charges.

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Taking into account that the hourly charge is $30, a 3-hour work day would cost you $90. Typically, such a task would take 3-4 hours. The other miscellaneous charges of delivery and mobilization would not be less than $40. In this typical example, your total would be $197.5 for putting up fiberglass insulation.

How to choose garage door installation services?

The company you choose is, clearly, the most important step in this process. Their experience, quality of the professionals, and legitimacy is going to be your priority. Here you can learn the process while choosing a service:

Online research

Check the website and the online 3rd party websites to get a good perspective of their functions. It is important you go through their services, prices, and terms-&-conditions. Yes, it is long and boring, but the terms and conditions provide a legal outlook.

Real testimonials

Ask your friends and family about garage door insulation. Most of the time, they provide authentic and genuine information. You can also get friends and family discounts in some cases. There are several companies that give up to 10 percent discount.

However, we suggest you do not depend on it. The main purpose of such testimonials is knowing whether your time and money is worth it in this specific company or not.

Reviews and ratings

Check their ratings on a search engine, or the website, and read through the reviews on random forums. They give you the positive and negative aspects of their service. What is critical is reading the negative ones. It would not be a good idea to neglect a company because of a bad review. However, have all the points in hand to ask questions.

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Final thoughts

There you go, that is how you can get your doors insulated in simple steps. Stay warm this winter with proper insulation. This would also help you to save electricity and gas. You are not only staying energy efficient, but you are also comfortable in your garage.

Now you can work, set up meetings, work out or just get some quiet time. The insulation helps to prevent sound from going through. Whether you have a noisy neighbor or too many children making noise, you would stay just hearing a distant mumble. In any case, you can contact professional services to make the work right.


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