As we enter the 3rd week of the National Football League, the bookies are already getting a clearer picture of the teams and players that will stand out. Even before the NFL season began, speculations, odds, and favorites were set up. However, now that we are 3 weeks deep into the season, the odds and favorites are much more set in stone, and bettors are far more likely to put down their wagers.

In recent years, betting on the NFL has reached new peaks. Putting wagers on sports has always been popular, especially in the USA. However, thanks to the introduction of online betting sites, the practice has become all the more widespread. In the USA, using offshore sportsbooks is legal in most states, and most will have no problem getting the hang of it. In reviewing the best offshore sportsbooks, we’ve come to certain conclusions, and we would like to share some of these findings with you.

Best Offshore Sportsbooks for US Bettors

So, if you are new to this whole betting thing, you might wonder where you can place a bet on the NFL. Well, of course, you can always visit a land-based sportsbook. However, finding one of the numerous online offshore betting sites is much more convenient. But, of course, you can’t just jump on the first online bookie that comes your way. You have to ask yourself certain questions, including “what are the best sportsbooks to bet with.” In this article, we will find that out.

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First on our list is BetUS. This highly-rated and highly-reviewed website tends to top the charts regarding offshore sportsbooks for US bettors. With a fast payout speed (around 2 days or so), great software that makes the website run smoothly, and many fantastic bonuses and promotions, there is not much bad that can be said about BetUS.


Bovada is another fantastic website that will do nicely for any newcomer. For anyone outside of the USA, Bovada is unavailable; however, considering this list caters to an American audience, this isn’t much of a con. While the bonuses on Bovada can’t stand up to BetUS, the website still offers some great promotions and a VIP program. Unlike BetUS, though, Bovada has a lower rollover, which, to some, might put it ahead of the aforementioned website.


With quick and safe payouts, big bonuses, and one of the best varieties on the market, MyBookie is certainly a website worth checking out. On top of it all, MyBookie is crypto-friendly, meaning crypto traders will have no trouble betting.

There are some problems with the website, however. Namely, it is restricted in certain areas of the United States. Nevada and New Jersey bettors can’t use MyBookie. Also, the transactions made with FIAT dollars might take longer when compared to crypto-based transactions.


BetOnline might be considered by many to be one of the best websites when it comes to betting. Speedy payouts, crypto-friendly, and offering some fabulous free bet bonuses, BetOnline will not disappoint many bettors.


Last on the list of the best offshore US sportsbooks for NFL betting is the Everygame website. Not only does Everygame feature a fantastic casino, but it also works well as a bookie. In terms of payout speed, it is among the fastest available on the market. And with a long and reputable history, you can’t do wrong by picking Everygame.

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How to Sign Up?

Lastly, we would like to address a commonly asked question. That being, how do I sign up for a sports betting site? Well, you could not have an easier time signing up. All you need to do is go to the website and follow these simple steps:

  •       Pick the website you want to bet with
  •       Open the link and go to the front page
  •       Click the “Sign Up” button
  •       Punch in any necessary information that might be required of you
  •       Once it is all said and done, accept the ToS of the website

Once all these steps have been accomplished, your account should be complete. Look at the bonuses and see if you are viable for any Sign Up Offers. From then, you can review some tutorials on how to properly bet on the NFL and get the best bang for your buck.

Final Words

With the 3rd week of the NFL wrapping up, bettors and betting sites are ready to call their favorites and make predictions. In this article, we hope to share some of the best offshore sportsbooks and help you answer the question of what you should look for in the best NFL betting sites.

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