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A computer monitor is much more useful and necessary than it may seem at first glance! A good monitor in tandem with other parts will relieve the load from your back and eyes. For sure, this will increase the efficiency of your work process. It is also convenient to connect a phone to the monitor, for example, to view photos. Or watch a movie with the whole family. What to pay attention to when choosing a monitor, and what can be left behind in brackets? Which options are really important, and for which should not be overpaid? Where to find a robust 22 inch computer monitor? Let’s dive into these questions and get all the answers together!

Main parameters of monitors  

The key criteria for choosing a monitor by technical characteristics are:  

  • size;
  • resolution viewing angle;
  • matrix type;
  • sweep frequency;
  • color gamut.

Buy large monitors with a diagonal of 22+ inches 

It is strongly recommended that you only buy large monitors with a diagonal of 22 inches and above for several reasons:

  1. More information is available on the big screen at the same time without scrolling, so you do not need to actively scroll with the mouse.
  2. With large objects (maps, diagrams, drawings, complex tables), it is most often extremely inconvenient to work on small screens.
  3. In games, a large screen occupies almost the entire visual space of the player, which adds realism.
  4. The expected lifespan of modern LED monitors is over 10 years, so buying a small monitor for such a long period is at least unreasonable.

There is a common misconception that monitors with a diagonal of 22 inches and above are tedious to the eyes. In reality, it is just a weird statement, as you get used to the big monitor quickly, as it brings lots of benefits. That’s why if you are ready to buy a monitor of mentioned size, we advise you to rely on Beetronics Inc.  

The pixel size 

The pixel size affects the whole display quality. The larger it is (higher granularity), the better the small fonts are read. This is especially important for people of old age or with poor eyesight. Yet, at the same time the rougher will be shown everything else on a screen. The smaller the pixel size, the more realistic photos, and other staff will look, but small fonts can be practically unreadable. The trend is that more and more programs use scaling correctly, so in the future, all new monitors will be with the ultrafine grain. Images will be very clear and realistic, and small fonts will be correctly increased to an acceptable level. But there are still a lot of programs that are very uncomfortable on monitors with small pixel sizes.

In most cases, the grain size of the monitors:

  • 19-20 inches – large (0.27-0.30 mm);
  • 21-22 inch – small (0.24-0.25 mm);
  • 23 inch – medium (0.265 mm);
  • 24 inch – large (0.27-0.28 mm);
  • 27 inches – very large (0.31-0.32 mm) for FullHD and small (0.23 mm) for WQHD;
  • 28+ inches – medium to very large (0.26-0.36 mm);
  • UHD monitors – very small (0.14-0.22 mm).

According to many buyers, the best price, diagonal and grain size ratio are in 22-inch FullHD monitors. If you have poor eyesight, it is strongly recommended not to buy monitors with small and medium grain sizes, as many parts and system fonts will be too small for comfortable operation. Although you can later change the resolution or zoom to make the image larger. This usually results in a severe deterioration in clarity or distortion of proportions. Furthermore, Beetronics Inc. is always glad to share with you the wide assortment of varied monitors.

Some customers complain about the so-called “crystalline effect” (fuzzy boundaries of individual pixels of the image). Others in the same models of monitors never notice it, as it is individual according to the peculiarities of vision and perception. For the same reason, the presence or absence of crystalline effect is not indicated in the technical characteristics of the monitor. Moreover, it is determined only personally or subjectively on the results of tests. It should be noted that the crystal effect can only be present in monitors with a matt coating. On glossy and glossy anti-glare coating, it never happens. 

Since the tangible benefits of matt screens are in most cases more important than glossy, now more than 95% of the monitors are made with matte screens. In such a way, they include a more or less crystalline effect.

Monitor diagonal and resolution

The size of the monitor is the length of its diagonal in inches, and the resolution is the number of pixels vertically and horizontally. HD resolution is no longer relevant today.

There are:

  • Full HD (1920 1080 pixels);
  • Full HD+ (2560 1440 pixels); 
  • 4K (3840 2160 or 4096 3072 pixels);
  • 5K (5120 2160 pixels). 

Monitors with this high resolution are designed exclusively for work with professional video editors. The standard monitor diagonal is 22-24 inches. Smaller models are suitable for the simplest document handling, although even then diagonal 24 will be more eye-friendly. However, the choice of small displays is often determined by the size of the area where the monitor will be located, such as a small office table or a niche in the wall.

27 inches is a good size for watching movies. Yet, it is not enough for working with graphic editors and playing games. It is better to look towards 32-inch monitors.

The important point is that it is not correct to choose a resolution without a monitor diagonal. With a small display size, high resolution will make the interface details too small, and the average number of pixels on a large monitor will display a grainy picture.


So, today we have told you about the peculiarities and benefits of 22-inch computer monitors. We hope that we have also answered all your questions to help you facilitate your choice. Thank you for your time and have a good computer monitor shopping!


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