While conducting my routine real estate searches for investments, I discovered Ganga Fernhill in Pune. These charming homes feature large rooms, bright halls, and a positive attitude. They are surrounded by a lot of nature and have easy access to clean, pollution-free air because of their location. Apartment layouts of 1, 1.5, and 2 BHKs are offered at Ganga Fernhill. Due to its proximity to Phursungi IT Park, the location is ideal for business travellers. For anyone looking for a home right now, the towers’ combination of modern and contemporary architecture makes them the perfect house.

Reason For Buying an Apartment and How I Discovered Ganga Fernhill

I was looking for a home to invest in. It is difficult for me to choose a property because of my odd taste. However, I did not have to think twice about Ganga Fern Hill. Through advertisements, I discovered the Ganga Fernhill brochure. I opted to visit the neighbourhood to confirm my choice because I was particularly drawn to the amenities and location. Because there is something here for everyone, Ganga Fernhill is the perfect spot for your entire family. Your ideal self will be perfectly embodied and expressed in your home at Ganga Fernhill. You’ll fall head over heels for the location and never let go. Ganga Fernhill is the ideal place for you to live.

Ganga Fernhill Amenities

Because Ganga Fernhill is the ideal fusion of facilities and contemporary architecture, you will never grow tired of your house there. Moreover, these homes offer CCTV surveillance and round-the-clock security to safeguard the safety and well-being of your loved ones. 

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You’ll value the rainwater collection system and sewage treatment facility if you want to live sustainably like me. In addition, there is a rich green typical garden and a well-kept park for your desired morning walks and evening strolls. I’ve seen first-hand the joy living in the tower’s 100% Vastu-compliant homes can bring. In addition, a community hall, party area, clubhouse, children’s play area, indoor gaming arena, and gym are available to meet the family’s socialising, health, knowledge, and entertainment demands.

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend You to Buy A House In Ganga Fernhill

Ganga Fernhill Price

I’ve previously made real estate investments in various ways, so I am familiar with market rates. However, I’m happy I chose to buy it nonetheless since Ganga Fernhill provides such a magnificent setting at affordable prices. Ganga Fernhill has a pricing range of 39.16 Lacs to 63.42 Lacs. This property is an excellent option for anyone looking to maximise their financial resources because it offers terrific value. I spent Rs. 60.87 lakh on the two-bedroom apartment.

Well-Connected Neighbourhood

If Personalized living areas are likewise well-connected to the outside world, they can transform into heavenly places on earth, and Ganga Fernhill makes just such a promise. If you buy a property at Ganga Fernhill, you’ll be in an excellent position to keep your professional commitments on time. Bus stops at Simuate and Mohammadwadi are only two to five minutes apart. You can go to the Sasvad Road train station in 20 minutes. Within 5-8 minutes are Sana Hospital, Nirvana Hospital, and more medical services. The distance to VIBGYOR High School, National Institute of Business Management, is only 15 minutes.

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Spacious Floor Plan

The apartment I purchased has 770 square feet. Despite the apartment’s small size, it wasn’t as crowded as I had anticipated. Even after outfitting the condo, there is still enough room because the floor design is so excellent.

Owning a home in Pune has to be one of the best feelings any Maharashtrian can have! Pune is an awesome city to raise kids and work in, and my decision to buy a house in Ganga Fernhill has gone down well with my family too! If you are currently searching for properties in Pune, it would be best to check verified listings on before venturing out and visiting different project sites!



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