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Predicting when a fruit slot machine will payout is almost impossible. If this is possible, it would take away the main quality and fun in the game. It would also result in efforts to manipulate the game, whether by the casinos or by players.

Trying to predict “if” a slot machine would payout is quite different. All slots generally are designed to payout. At least, slots from reputable developers must pay out at one time or the other. If a machine never pays out, there must be something amiss. It could have been manipulated by the developers or the casinos. 

Nevertheless, there are differences in the rate of payouts. Some pin up casino aviator pay more frequently than others – play Easy Slots. However, there are some slots with very low rates of payouts that it seems like it is almost impossible to cash out from them. Players often refer to these types of slot games as non-paying machines and avoid playing them.

In this article, our focus is on fruit slot machines and how to identify one that’ll payout. Before, we proceed, let’s understand what fruit machines are.

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What are Fruit Slot Machines?

Fruit slot machines are typically the classic slots found mostly in physical land-based gambling houses and casino websites. They are very old forms of slot games that usually have three reels.

When playing a fruit machine in a land-based casino, you have to start by putting your coins in it to bet. The reels are always decorated with fruits symbols like plums, oranges, cherries, lemons, and more.

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The same applies to online fruit slots. They are as simple as the traditional games with only 3 reels and fruit symbols.

How to tell if a fruit slot machine will pay out

So, how do you know if you should expect to get paid from a fruit machine? One of the most popular tips is to learn about past winners of the game. If so many people have played using that machine and it didn’t payout, you may also get no payout from it. However, this tip may not work for newer games. A game must have been available for long enough to be played by several people before you can check its payout records.

For online slots, one of the ways to know about past winners is checking the return to player rate (RTP). You can easily find the RTP of most online fruit slots by checking review websites.

The industry’s average for a well-paying online slot is 96%. It is advisable to go for slots with this average or higher. Online slots generally have better return rates than land-based machines.

Another thing to consider is the pattern at which a machine pays out. Some machines have a regular pattern of payout. For example, a particular slot could pay every three or 5 days. Knowing this can give you an advantage.

For online slots, you only need to check the volatility. The volatility shows how much the game pays and how often it pays.

If you keep these tips in mind, it’ll help you choose the right fruit machines.


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