10 Ways Increase Income

Whether it is paying off debt, saving up for a new home, or planning for a fancy vacation, we could all use some extra cash. After a point, saving becomes really difficult. Several expenses pile up and we understand how there’s not much you can do about it. Let’s admit it. Saving money is not as impactful as earning more money. That is why we have curated a list of fun ideas to make money and increase your annual income. In this post, we take you through 10 Ways to Increase Your Annual Income. Interested in knowing how? Read on to know more. 

1. Free bets

A free bet is a special kind of bet wherein the bookmaker comes forward to pay for the stake. Several online bookmaker sites offer free bets for bettors who open their account for the first time. Don’t they sound too good? Are you wondering if a bookmaker really does that? Yes, they do. 

Think of free bets as your chance to place wagers without worrying about risk. You can get paid from the net winnings of the bet. The difference between free bets and regular bets lies in the fact that the bettor does not need to contribute to the stake. Hundreds of free bets are available from reputable bookmaker sites like Free Bets where you can place your first wager. 

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2. Matched Betting

This is one of the simplest ways to earn easy money. This form of betting is a risk free and tax-free way of sports betting to make big bucks every month. It is considered risk free as it majorly based on the application of math rather than chance. 

By using free bets and other promotional strategies, a matched bettor ensures profits by covering all the outcomes of a match or an event. 

3. Value bettor

These bettors are leading experts worldwide in a specific sport. They know everything about the particular team/sport. Much more than the bookmakers. They consider all that information and place their wagers.

So how do you become good at value betting? Let us warn you, it’s not that easy!  It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to gain the expertise. You can start with traditional betting and keep working on your skills to reach there. 

4. Arbitrager

Sports arbitrage is a process where you find the difference between the odds with different bookmakers and bet on the net outcome to lock your profits in! This is a great place to earn big profits and make those fancy vacation plans!

5. Poker players

The trick here is to be better than your rival/competitor. Poker is definitely the most popular form of money gambling. Everyone wishes to try their hand at it. There needs to be a huge gap between your level of skill and that of your opponent to successfully make huge money through poker. You can get started by learning all the strategies and eventually becoming better. 

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6. Sports Traders

Sports traders have strategies that are similar to investment banks and hedge funds. They use these strategies to trade the betting markets rather than the stock markets. Most trading strategies in sports are based on the stock market. In case you are looking to make good money through gambling via trading, you can get started by learning the trading strategies of stock markets. 

7. Card Counter

This is another loophole-based form of gambling. All you need to do is keep track of what cards are left in the deck. You can bet huge when the odds are in your favor.

It is important to note that you cannot count cards at a virtual casino because they shuffle the deck after each hand. So, if you plan on being a card counter, you need to get into one of the physical casinos. 

8. Tricking

While the aforementioned ways of earning, money are usually done in good faith and are legal, beware of tricks and scams. . From collusion to match fixing and hacking, there is a range of techniques that can be incorporated in tricks. You can watch documentaries on YouTube to learn about these issues. . 

9. Pool betting

The amount of money you win here is calculated based on the total pool. After deducting the commission fee, the total amount is divided by the number of winning tickets. Pool betting includes racecourse pool betting, football and other sports pool betting and fantasy football type competitions as well. 

10. Bingo

Although Bingo is not legally defined as gambling, you can earn good money from it too. You can play the game for the attractive prize money.

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It is available in almost all entertainment centers, unlicensed family entertainment zones and travelling fairs along with adult gaming zones. 

Summing up

There are numerous ways of making money online. Many of them do not involve heavy or manual work, extreme work conditions or even leaving your house for that matter. You can use our ideas to your advantage and get started on making some extra money. A few extra bucks don’t hurt, right? 

The only concern here is that there are a number of sites to choose from and it is not advisable to trust just any site/. Always do your own background checks and rely on popular and reputable websites to begin your journey with. 


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