The idea of a workplace has evolved from a traditional setup to a customizable one. With the change in the workplace dynamics, the need for office space that contains all the modern amenities has emerged. These office spaces have become popular in metropolitan cities in India; it is now gaining traction in tier 2 cities as well. The tier 2 cities are undergoing infrastructural development, and hence the organizations are looking to expand its business operations here. Here we will discuss the aspects which make enterprises to set up their office spaces in tier-2 cities.


Leasing a workplace in tier 2 cities is relatively less expensive compared to metropolitan cities. The lower rental cost of office spaces ensures that companies can save a lot of expenses while setting up the office. As a result, it would promote profitability and sustainability.

Availability of skilled workforce

Tier 2 cities comprise of a talented pool of individuals who migrate to metropolitan cities in hopes of job opportunities. However, if provided the opportunity, they will prefer to work in these cities. Hence when office spaces are being set up in these spaces, it would attract talented and hardworking employees to work. As a result, it would ensure that the commercial space in these tier 2 cities would have a skilled workforce. Accordingly, a tier 2 city such as Indore is becoming an emerging IT hub and accordingly prominent enterprises in this sector seek for managed office space in Indore

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Reduced competition

With the presence of a few established companies in tier 2 cities, it becomes a favourable position for enterprises to set up offices here and have an early mover advantage. With less competition, the companies have an opportunity to increase their brand visibility and business growth and have a dominant position in their domain. 

Rise of hub and spoke model / hybrid work model

Covid 19 has led dynamic changes on the overall work environment. Accordingly, enterprises have developed work arrangements for employees who wish to work from home. The hub and spoke/hybrid model are based on the concept that employees are allowed to work from home but need to visit office during meetings and to fulfil other professional commitments which require their physical presence in workspace. 

Government Benefits

Similarly, government has also recognised the importance of such workspace model and thus they provide special incentives and subsidies to companies who set up their workspace in tier 2 cities. Thus, it is a win- win situation for enterprises who wish to set up their office space in tier 2 cities.

How is Smartworks helping enterprises to set up office space in tier 2 cities?

Smartworks is India’s no 1 platform for flexible workspace. We understand that selecting a workspace is a challenge for the companies. With a focus on providing tech-enabled and amenities-packed office space, we have been able to expand our footprint in tier 2 cities successfully.

The flexible workspace culture from Smartworks has been widely successful. It has ensured that the trend of the shift from traditional office space to managed office space is not limited to metropolitan cities. As such, the future of workspace in tier 2 cities is very bright.

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Understanding the rising demand for workspace in tier 2 cites, Smartworks offering Customized office spaces in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Indore. These workspaces are in the prime commercial locations. Along with this the office spaces consist of all the state-of-the-art amenities which are present in their metropolitan counterparts.

In conclusion, setting up office spaces in tier-2 cities is becoming a top choice for businesses due to the aforementioned factors. With a managed office space, Smartworks has managed all the hassles to set up office spaces in tier-2 cities across India with modern furnishings, advanced infrastructure, high-speed internet, meeting rooms and support services. The flexible workspace culture distinguishes it from traditional office spaces by providing scalability and a comprehensive range of amenities and services that improve productivity and the overall work experience. Along with this, these cities also provide a productive environment that promotes business growth. As a result, many enterprises are setting up their office space in tier 2 cities such as Ahmedabad and Indore to ensure long-term success. 



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