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There is no need to say that BTC is currently the number-1 cryptocurrency. In fact, Bitcoin was the digital currency that was responsible for popularizing the concept of the blockchain. While the crypto market largely remains unstable in general, 2021 appears to be the year of a Bitcoin resurgence. BTC is seen by the crypto community as digital gold. So, the popular crypto continues to climb to record heights in value, HODlers who invested early in Bitcoin are seeing their returns multiply many times over. Crypto holders who want to find the best place to sell bitcoin have different means to do so. But, in general, to sell crypto such as BTC, you will need to create an account on an exchange, transfer your funds to that exchange, and then sell BTC for cash.

The question (with so many crypto platforms to choose from) is “What is the best place to sell bitcoin instantly?”. Well, here is all that you need to know about where to sell bitcoin instantly.

What is the best place to sell bitcoin instantly on exchanges?

Here are the steps to sell Bitcoin instantly on exchange platforms:

  1. Understand what currency you want to cash out to

For instance, if you are in the United States, you may want to use the best exchange to sell bitcoin for USD. It’s important to consider the fiat currency to cash out into because some exchange services don’t support specific currencies. So, first, decide what form of money you can accept for payment before you sell bitcoin instantly.

  1. Create a user account on the crypto selling platform
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Having decided your preferred fiat currency to cash out, it’s time to sign up for a crypto exchange platform that supports Bitcoin sales and purchases.

When you choose a crypto platform, the account creation process may differ from one exchange to another. However, in general, the sign-up procedure typically consists of

  •   Creating a unique username and a strong password
  •   Setting up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to secure your account
  •   Going through a verification procedure such as KYC (Know Your Customer) to confirm your identity.

The good news is that with NakitCoins, you don’t need to go through a rigorous sign-up or KYC verification before you can sell Bitcoin instantly.

  1. Transfer your Bitcoins to the cryptocurrency platform

When you are done with creating your user account (as required), proceed to transfer your BTC to the exchange. With Coinbase, you need to hit the send/request button.

You will be provided with a Bitcoin wallet address or a QR code. Scan that into your BTC wallet and transfer the number of Bitcoins you want to sell.

  1. Place a sell order

When your coins are ready in your account to be sold, you need to determine the price you want to sell your assets at. The procedure for doing this will vary slightly across the different platforms. But in general, it involves placing a sell order. You can either choose to set your own sell order or click on a trade offered by a buyer. To reduce your risk of losses, you need to know how to be a bitcoin seller.

Always take your time to read and understand any instructions, and follow the terms and conditions of your trading partners to avoid running into disputes.

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What is the best place to sell bitcoin instantly in 2021?

  •   NakitCoins

Nakitcoins is the best place to sell bitcoin instantly? Yes, for people in Turkey, there is no doubt that NakitCoins is the best place to sell Bitcoin instantly. Nakitcoins is the leading crypto platform in the country that allows people to top-up, sell Bitcoin, and withdraw their funds in cash with no limits.

Buy and sell your crypto instantly and securely using the Nakitcoins wallet. It is convenient for investors who want to convert their funds through different funding options. Among the Turkish crypto community, NakitCoins is the premier physical crypto cashpoint/broker.

  •   Coinbase

Coinbase is another contender for the title of the best site to buy and sell bitcoin. It is available in over 100 countries worldwide. Coinbase lets you connect your PayPal account to your crypto wallet. That said, you may not have an option to buy Bitcoins this way, but you can sell bitcoin instantly and withdraw your funds to your PayPal account. Currently, this option is available to US, UK, and EU customers. To use the Coinbase exchange to sell BTC, you will have to create and fully verify your user account

  •   Sell Bitcoin (BTC) in Bitcoin ATM

Another best way to sell BTC instantly is to use a Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin ATMs allow people to buy and sell Bitcoin using credit cards and debit cards. Bitcoin ATMs have become more popular in recent years, and they are quite similar to conventional automated teller machines.

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When you visit your nearest Bitcoin ATM, you can sell bitcoin instantly. However, BTC ATM transaction fees are higher, moreover, they are not available in all countries.


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