What is a virtual card for?

First of all, its purpose is to conduct cashless payments on the Internet, as well as pay for all kinds of purchases. Using a virtual card will protect you from hacker attacks. Fraudsters will not be able to steal even a small amount of money, since the bank details of the card are not available to them.
The WestStein Virtual Card will help you avoid overspending and save you time.
Order a virtual card
To order a WestStein virtual card, you need to fill out an extremely simple form on our website. After registering, your account will immediately be available for use. Now the virtual card is active.

WestStein Prepaid Card

With the WestStein Prepaid Card, you don’t have to worry about losing your cash or plastic card. In addition, its advantage is that thanks to the application installed on your mobile device, you are in full control of all calculations and keep track of your account balance. Another advantage of getting this card is that you do not need to open an account. The virtual card is not linked to the main bank account.

Virtual Mastercard

Issuing a virtual Mastercard card allows the client to set the limit on the card himself in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and overspending. Also, if necessary, planned monthly payments are set. The movement of funds on the account is made in euros.

Order a virtual Mastercard

In order to order an individual virtual Mastercard, there is no need to go to a financial institution with the relevant documents. You can do it online from the comfort of your home as follows:
a simple registration form is filled out on the WestStein website, indicating personal data – name and surname, address, contact phone number, email;
the next stage is the passage of verification;
after replenishing the virtual card, after a few minutes, you can use it;
now, after issuing a card, you can make all kinds of calculations.
A physical, plastic card will be sent to you at the address indicated in the registration form within ten days.
Which financial company to prefer? This issue must be taken very seriously. To order a virtual card, choose a financial service that you can fully trust. By giving preference to WestStein, you are guaranteed to get the maximum benefit from cooperation.

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