What Are Shopping Rewards Apps? A Guide

Did you know you could be saving thousands of dollars from your phone? Yes, you heard that right. The best part being, it won’t cost you a dime to use the power in the palm of your hand.

Do you remember cutting coupons? You’d have your coupons cut out from the paper or magazine and then head to the store. Those days are long gone, but there is a better and faster way—shopping rewards apps.

Shopping rewards apps provide a unique experience to the modern shopper. Whether you are a heavy hitter or more of a casual window shopper, you’ll want to take advantage of these apps.

Below, we discuss top apps to put some more dollars back in your pocket. Would you like to know which? We thought so—keep reading!


This shopping rewards app can do a lot for you. Earny is a chrome extension designed to help you save. Install the app in any Chrome browser and shop online as you would.

Earny will watch your shopping habits. Alerts will pop up when you buy something and a price drop takes place. With these price drops, you may be eligible for a refund.

One of the best features Earny provides is its price watch. You’ll know without a doubt when to buy and when to wait to save money.

Fetch Rewards

Earning with Fetch Rewards couldn’t be easier. The only thing you have to remember is to save your receipts. With your precious receipts, scan them with Fetch and you’ll earn cashback.

Your grocery shopping just got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it? You’ll love the ease of use and every time you go shopping, you’ll feel like you’ve won. Many big-name grocery stores such as Publix, Target, and Walmart are associated with the app.

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You don’t need to stop there. Shop online and earn the say way you do offline. Just link your e-mail address and you are golden.

From here, you won’t stop using shopping rewards apps. You’ll wonder why you never did this in the first place.

Shopping Rewards Apps


Dosh provides an easy solution to save for consumers. All you need to do is use the cards you already use and link them to Dosh. With plenty of participating stores to choose from, every time you spend you’ll earn cash.

The qualified merchants range from retail, hotel, and travel as well. This makes Dosh one of the best shopping rewards apps on the market.

The cashback you earn will be credited to your Dosh account. Once you make at least $25, you can cash out to PayPal or Venmo.

Shopping Rewards Apps to the Rescue

In today’s day and age, technology has made our lives so much easier. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of these shopping rewards apps? Your shopping experiences will be much richer as a result.

With those earned dollars, what will you do with them? You want to smart with your money, don’t you? We want you to achieve financial freedom and be happy with your life.

For more sage advice on your precious dollars, be sure to follow our blog. Your pockets will thank you for it!

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