What are crypto games

Crypto is on everyone’s lips as a term, but it’s not just about the various currencies, as other developments have long been formed around the trend. For example, there are crypto games, which are digital games where it is possible for players to own parts of the game and be even more involved. Basically, the fundamentals of these games exist on the blockchain. All transactions or ownership are stored in a decentralized manner and players can trade their in-game possessions with other players. 

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How do crypto games work? 

When you are in the game, there are different assets that you can own. Depending on the game, these are then, for example, the skins of the characters themselves. At the same time, it’s about weapons or other items that you can use in the game. If you search for the best P2E games to earn crypto on proincomepanda.com, you will quickly find what you are looking for, because the market for crypto games is currently showing rapid growth. The difference with classic games is that here the games and content are only in the hands of the provider. Fees are then charged for various services and more money is added by the provider reselling his digital goods. All transactions that arise from this then go through a platform provided and centralized by the provider, unlike Crypto. 

Development of Crypto Games

The gaming industry is increasingly relying on Crypto Games. As early as 2021, the industry has seen very strong growth rates. When there were tokens in a game, the related games could set one record after another. Among other things, Sorae was able to bring in around $680 million. In the process, the games also run on the so-called blockchain. 

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Play-to-earn games

In so-called play-to-earn games, players usually start with NFTs, i.e. digital possessions, each of which is then represented by tokens and brings with it all individual properties. These tokens have to be bought by the player in advance, or they are already given as a standard version at the start. Depending on which game it is, you then have to play the game with these NFTs. If you play well, you can improve your NFT further, combine it with other NFTs or acquire new NFTs. Play-to-earn thus offers users the possibility of earning further advantages by playing a lot and playing well. Another possibility are own currencies, which can be earned in the game itself, with which you can then buy upgrades for your NFTs at a certain time. However, it’s not just about buying, but also selling, because you can trade your NFTs to secure further advancements as well. The fact is that the games industry has long been a billion-dollar business. Classics like FIFA already bring in countless millions every year through their paid in-game purchases, and crypto games take this way of gaming to a whole new level. The only question is when these games will make the final breakthrough in the mainstream


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