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Many organizations’ social presences have become centered on Instagram, which drives profitable traffic to landing pages, increases conversions, and builds an engaged community and more followers on Instagram.

If your Instagram presence isn’t as strong as you’d want, it’s time to discover how to improve your techniques for gaining genuine, organic Instagram followers. You’ll have more opportunities to engage with users and give them with unique experiences as your audience grows.

The organic distinction is crucial: when it comes to gaining more Instagram followers, brands frequently take the easy way out. Pay for likes and followers pages abound, but these shortcuts are seldom worthwhile, as the Instagram algorithm is adjusted on a daily basis to eliminate low-quality bought accounts and interactions.

Not to mention, the quantity on your Instagram account means nothing unless it represents a dedicated fan who follows, purchases, visits your landing sites, and spreads the word about your companies to their friends and followers. With these techniques for gaining more Instagram followers and free Instagram likes, you can start establishing your profile the right way.


One of the most crucial stages before figuring out how to get more Instagram followers is to make sure your account is adequately optimized. Consider your Instagram bio to be the ‘main page’ of your account.

How can consumers know that the account belongs to your brand without a biography, captions, a correct username, or a profile picture? It may seem self-evident, but your Instagram bio and image constitute the foundation of your business identification. It’s critical to improve your account because the link in your biography is the sole way to drive Instagram traffic to your website.

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If you’re not sure where to connect, try marketing or product pages that are related to your Instagram account’s unique keywords, hashtags, or campaigns. It’s fine to link to your homepage, but why not provide a seamless transition from your bio to your website? As a result, IG link landing sites, which host relevant links to the last few pieces of content referenced in a brand feed, and ‘link in bio’ postings that direct the audience to these links, have grown in popularity.

Furthermore, you must make your username as search-friendly as possible, which usually entails being true to your brand. If your business name is long, shorten it to something that your target audience would recognize. If at all possible, avoid using digits or special characters in your username and keep it consistent with your other social network accounts.


When trying to gain Instagram followers, the worst thing you can do is upload material at odd times. If you are fortunate enough to have users follow you at the outset, you will not be able to make them forget why they followed you in the first place.

You must maintain a consistent posting schedule to combat this. To avoid spam, brands should not ship more than a few times per day, but regardless of your rhythm, stick to it. Around 200 million Instagram users log on every day, so try posting a few times throughout the day to spread your web even more.

In fact, our own research on the best times to post to Instagram suggests the ideal times to post to a variety of sectors, or you can follow our analysis of the best times across all subject areas below:

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In 2022, when is the optimal time to post on Instagram?

Sticking to a timetable will help you provide your followers with a consistent experience and keep them informed about your company.


While the Instagram algorithm has been updated to show people more of what they like, posting at the proper times can still increase the exposure of your posts by improving total interaction.

There’s a lot your brand can do to boost visibility, and Instagram content planning is now one of them thanks to HASHTAGS. With our most up-to-date tools, we can assist your company in creating content in a simple manner.

Your entire team will be able to view campaigns and timetables more easily if you arrange material ahead of time. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time, and with our Instagram scheduling tools, you can target your audience while still maintaining a consistent stream of material.

You can also use Sprout’s proprietary ViralPost to automate the process. ViralPost uses computational analysis of your account’s interaction history to determine the best times to publish.

HASHTAGS will help you perfect your Instagram content strategy.

Sprout offers even more capabilities to optimize your brand feed, in addition to planning a complete picture of your Instagram content calendar.

Use our asset library to share IG-approved photographs with your team, or use our grid preview feature to ensure that all components of your presence are consistent with your brand design.

With a 30-day free trial of Sprout, you can get a hands-on look at these and other features.


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