Charitable giving is not always about writing a check or making a donation online. There are numerous ways to contribute to charitable causes without spending a dime. This article will explore various ways to give to charity without donating money, inspired by initiatives of Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger

Volunteering Your Time

One of the most valuable resources you can offer to a charity is your time. Many organizations rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their mission. Whether it’s serving meals at a local soup kitchen, mentoring a child, or helping to build homes for those in need, your time can make a significant impact.

Donating Items

If you have items in good condition that you no longer need, consider donating them to a charity. Many organizations accept a wide range of items, from clothing and furniture to electronics and vehicles. Not only does this help the charity, but it also reduces waste and can even provide you with a tax deduction.

Using Your Skills

If you have a particular skill or expertise, consider offering it to a charity. This could be anything from graphic design and website development to accounting and legal advice. Many charities lack the funds to hire professionals for these services, so your contribution can make a big difference.


Fundraising is another excellent way to support a charity without donating money directly. This could involve organizing a charity run, a bake sale, or a crowdfunding campaign. Not only does this raise funds for the charity, but it also raises awareness of the cause.

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Advocacy is a powerful way to support a charity. This could involve speaking out about a cause you care about, raising awareness through social media, or lobbying for policy changes. Advocacy can help to bring about long-term change and can be done without spending any money.

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving, as Craig Kielburger emphasizes, is about passing on values and lessons, not just money. You can leave a legacy by teaching others about the importance of giving and instilling in them a sense of social responsibility.

Building a Movement

As Marc Kielburger points out, building a movement is about more than just giving; it’s about creating a purpose. By inspiring others to join you in supporting a cause, you can create a movement that has a far-reaching impact.


Giving to charity doesn’t always have to involve money. By volunteering your time, donating items, using your skills, fundraising, advocating, leaving a legacy, and building a movement, you can make a significant contribution to a cause you care about. So, why not start today? Your actions could make a world of difference.


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