Tips to score 95% in chemistry

Every student would love to score above 95 in their board exams. These are the exams that become the gateway to your college life, in a way, shaping your career. Getting a score of 95 and above is not an impossible task provided one takes the right strategies and steps. In this post, we will take a look at tips to score 95% in class 10th chemistry CBSE board exams.

  • Make a timetable right in the beginning. 

A proper schedule should be made right at the beginning. This timetable should be made in a comprehensive way, keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses, the weightage for each chapter and the difficulty. Make sure you allow enough time even for revision and recap. The timetable should make sure that you visit the subject at a regular interval so that it stays in your memory. It should not be made in such a way that the entire subject is completed in one go and is only revised at the end of the year.

  • Complete NCERT textbook. 

The NCERT textbook is like the bible for this subject. Study the textbook thoroughly before approaching any other reference book. Make sure you read every single line, cover all definitions, concepts and examples from the textbook first. Many questions are asked directly from the textbook lines and having a good knowledge of it will definitely boost your performance. This does not mean that you restrict yourself to NCERT only. If a certain concept is difficult or not explained well in the textbook for your understanding, do not stop yourself from looking into other books or even searching online for a better answer or explanation.

  • Learn all examples well.
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While learning definitions and concepts, make sure you don’t just study the theory. Learn an example or two so that this can be used to explain the concept in the examination. This will not only impress the examiner but will eventually strengthen your understanding of the concepts.  

  • Making notes

Making notes forms an especially important part of studying chemistry. There are many aspects that are to be memorised and this requires constant revision. Things like formulae, nomenclature, equations and chemical names can be written down in a separate book so that they can be revised as and when time permits. This also makes it easy for last-minute reference. You can also download Vedantu class 10 chemistry notes for reference and summaries highlights in each chapter. Keep in mind that this is in no way a substitute for the textbook and should only be a supplement.

  • Previous year papers

Go through the previous year papers. Many times, these tend to repeat and solving them will definitely add value to your preparation. While studying the chapters, solve the questions in a chapter-wise manner. This will make more sense than attempting the entire paper at this stage. Once the syllabus is completed, attempt the entire paper as an exam. Make sure you set the time limit and attempt it in one go. This will become a good practice and revision of the entire subject. You can also easily pinpoint where your weaknesses and strengths lie.

  • Present your answers well.

In the examination, presentation plays a very important role. It may so happen that you know the concept well and have understood all parts of that chapter, but it has no meaning if you cannot express your knowledge in an understandable form. Here are a few things that you can do to make the paper more presentable:

  1. Write in bullet points. This makes it easy and straightforward for the examiner to correct and understand what you are saying. 
  2. Highlight keywords and important points. You can either underline or highlight all the important keywords. When you highlight these keywords, the examiner will notice them instantly and will know that the concept is clearly understood by you. This leaves a good impression.
  3. Use diagrams and flowcharts wherever possible. This is one of the most important tips that can fetch a lot of marks. When an examiner sees neat and relevant diagrams, they would tend to feel like the level of understanding is good. It also makes communication easier and way more interesting than just paragraphs of text. Make sure these diagrams are labelled correctly and are made neatly.
  • Sequence of attempting paper
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In the science paper, there are two sections. Section A is the theory section with questions that carry 1, 2, 3 and 5 marks. Section B is the practical section where there are 2-mark questions.

Try to complete all the 1- and 2-mark questions right at the beginning of the paper. These are usually small answer questions, and they are easy to complete and score. Next, attempt the longer 3- and 5-mark questions which require more time to think and answer with explanations. Attempting them in this sequence will give enough time for the longer ones while making sure that the short questions are not missed out on.

  • Revise and look through your answer sheet.

Even if you complete your paper well ahead of time, wait and look through the entire paper so that you can see if you have made any errors in a hurry. Taking a second look will help you minimize the marks lost overall. You would be able to spot mistakes with a fresh perspective. This is also the time for you to go back to the questions that you were unable to answer in the beginning. 

  • Be confident. 

One of the most important tips is to maintain confidence and morale. The minute you believe that it is possible to score above 95% in the board exams, you have already crossed half the hurdle. Even if you come across a question that is difficult or a concept that is tricky, take a break from the topic and come back to it with a fresh mind. This will make a huge difference in the overall score.

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Now that you have all the tips and tricks to score 95% and more in your class 10 chemistry paper, go ahead and get started on the preparations!



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