DTF printers refer to direct-to-film print that directly prints into the PET film. Then, hot melt power is evenly sprinkled into the pattern to increase visibility and exposure. After thoroughly melting and drying the film, it can now be cut and pattern pressed into different clothing and accessories using a heat press machine.

Due to the immense popularity, acceptance and market share, DTF printed clothing and accessories receive, it is one of the widely accepted technologies by all clothing enterprises. Buying the printer from a reputable DTF printer supplier is essential to ensure the quality of the printer as well as the maintenance services.

DTF printers come in a lot of variety in different price ranges and based on different configurations. Depending on the configuration and the support functions it can cost you a lot more or cost a lot less, therefore finding the right DTF printer within your budget is important.

Factors To Consider While Choosing DTF Printers

To find the best DTF printer within your budget, you should consider the following factors:

  • Printing Requirements

Before you buy an expensive all-in-one top-end printer, consider your requirements and the clients you have. You should ideally order a printer that can serve your clients right. Ordering an expensive printer without having an adequate client base can cause you to lose money in the long run. 

  • Configuration and Application

You should consider the applications of the printer and the way you are planning to use it. Researching the configuration and printing application of each printer can help you make the right decision. 

  • Printing Speed & Quality

The demands put forth by your clients regarding the quality and speed of delivering orders should be considered a priority before making your choice. Delivery of high-quality printed goods in bulk in a short interval of time requires high-end DTF printers. 

  • Price of printer and Cost of printing

It is important to ensure that the price of the printer is within your budget and you are not going way over your head. Investing a considerable amount of money into a printer might not be the best way to enter the market. 

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In addition, you should calculate the average price of printing a unit by considering all the factors, calculate your profit, and estimate the break-even point before finalizing your decision. Calculating the cost of printing can also help you re-determine your service charges and create a new business model.

All these realistic calculations can help you make a great purchase decision. 

  • Spare availability & Service

Since printers are a huge investment, ensuring the spare availability, maintenance support, and software support is essential to keep using the printer for a long time. 


Competing with other firms in the industry is a healthy way to establish market share. However, copying their strategy and purchasing a high-end, costly printer is not a sustainable solution. To ensure you are getting the maximum benefits out of your purchase, you should consider all the determining factors carefully.


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