Cryptocurrency staking is a common option for passive income throughout large crypto exchanges such as Binance, eToro, WhiteBIT, Coinbase and other well-known platforms. These are the most reliable staking crypto sites. Each of them provides different conditions for staking and different rewards. How to stake crypto? Let’s talk about it now.

Key Things About Staking Cryptocurrency

The essence of staking is close to bank deposits. Suppose you have some SOL coins and want to organise money flow. You may pick one of the exchanges mentioned above and register there. Then deposit coins and pick a staking plan that suits you. Let’s consider the WhiteBIT exchange:

  • It offers around 40 staking plans.
  • Staking contracts range from 10 – 360 days.
  • Increased user protection and guarantee of paying rewards after the end of the staking contract.
  • Once a staking cryptocurrency plan expires, you cannot prolong it. You can only open a new staking plan.
  • You can open several staking plans simultaneously, but they should differ by period (for example, one plan is for 180 days and another – for 30).

To understand how many coins you need to stake crypto and how big rewards you receive, use a smart staking calculator on WhiteBIT. Enter the amount of funds you would like to stake and the locking period, and the calculator will show you the profit you will receive when the staking contract is over. If you decide to take your coins back and withdraw them from the staking program, you can do it, but in this case, you do not receive rewards.

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The WhiteBIT exchange offers a high rate for cryptocurrency staking. The high interest for stakers is provided by funds from margin trading. The platform provides the highest level of user safety, holding 96% of investments offline and implementing the WAF mechanism for identifying hacker attacks and blocking them.


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