Gambling entertainment with original features is popular at online casinos. They allow you not only to win prizes, but also to spend your time in an exciting and interesting way. Slots with cumulative bonus have an unusual principle. They are triggered once the appropriate number of conditional points have been collected. Bónusz játék Fairspin make the gameplay exciting and motivates to spend more time at the machine.

Description of the accumulation feature in slot machines

In most games, the bonus starts after a combination of symbols is rolled. In video slots of this type, it is triggered in a different way.

The user gets access to the bonus after a certain game event occurs several times.

Most often, the replenishment is credited in such cases:

  • Spins without winnings
  • Appearance of a symbol
  • A series of cascade spins

Rotate the reels of these machines and receive prize money can a user with any level of experience in online casinos. The game is standard. At the beginning should specify the amount bet. If the video slot can change the number of active lines, the player chooses their number. Then starts the spin. If he brought a payout, they go to the account.

There are slots in which certain symbols are accumulated in the main mode. And then appear on the playing field during free spins. NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, BetSoft and other providers have such bonuses. They create video slots in paid and demo versions. To play for money, you need to register at an online casino and replenish your account. In free mode, to bet virtual credits are used. Registration is most often not necessary.

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In slots of this type is often a scale of progress. It shows how soon the bonus will start. The most popular way of activation is the recruitment of conditional points. For example, to trigger freespins, it is necessary that the symbol falls out 10 times. The player makes a bet and starts the round. With each fallout of the corresponding image, the indicator on the progress bar grows. When it fills up, free spins will begin. After their end the counter is reset. If the player collects 10 symbols again, freespins will start again.

Many providers create video slots with the launch of bonuses after a series of cascading spins. Their number is specified in the rules. Once the required number is reached, the mode changes. In this case, additional payout multipliers can be activated.


The main advantage of slots with cumulative bonus at Fairspin Casino is exciting gameplay. If the round did not bring payouts, the user still has a desire to continue the game. Such slots have interesting original plots. Sometimes this option gives a chance to win more money.

In some video slots you can accumulate in the demo version. And then go to the paid mode with saved progress.

Machines of this type have other additional features. Many have a risk game that allows you to increase the payout. It can be run after a combination. In it, the user puts the last amount of payouts. With each win it doubles. The gameplay can include random options that are activated in the main mode. They are triggered at any time regardless of the fallen out combination.

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Many providers create video slots with bonus buys. The player can run it until the appropriate number of conditional points are accumulated. To do this, it is necessary to make an additional bet. The cost of the launch is displayed at activation. This feature is useful in the demo version. It allows you to evaluate the prize features without spending money.


In machines of this type, there are no guarantees that the set will go quickly. If real money is used for betting, you can spend a lot of time waiting for the option and spend a large sum. Therefore, it is worth first running the machine in demo and assess how fast the progress is.

How to benefit from a slot with a cumulative bonus

The more spins made, the more likely it is that the prize round will start. This makes it possible to bet in such a way that the winnings for the bonuses are maximal. It is necessary to follow the progress of the replenishment. The amount should be increased during the increase. After the bonuses run out, it should be returned to the initial value. So you can get the money spent before, and stay in the black.

Choosing a video slot, it is important to consider such features:

  • The number of reels.
  • The number of winning options.
  • The level of RTP and volatility.

Before launching it is necessary to study the rules in detail. Before putting real money, you should make a few spins in the demo. On our portal you can run such video slots for free. After loading the account gets the amount of conditional credits. If they run out, you need to run the demo again to continue.

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There are a lot of comments on the web about video slots. Having studied the reviews of players in advance, you will be able to assess the machine, find out how fast is the replenishment. On our portal you can read the comments of other users and leave your own. Visitors have access to detailed descriptions of the games. From them you can find out what prize features are in the video slot and what is needed to run them.

Important questions and answers

  • What is the difference between a cumulative bonus and a purchase bonus?

Unlike machines with activation of the option for an additional bet, slots with a cumulative bonus do not require the user to pay money for the launch. The feature is activated after the desired event is repeated. Purchased prize options can be activated for money, and after the fall of the appropriate combination of symbols, etc. The accumulative ones have only one trigger principle.

  • What other bonuses can be received on a regular basis?

Providers use free spins, purchase options, prize rounds, respins, functions activated in random mode.

  • Is it necessary to have a unique promo code for bonuses?

No. This feature is included in the rules and is available even in demo mode.


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