Earnings in Workers Compensation

Most people who have a workers’ compensation case don’t realize that their earnings are highly relevant to their legal entitlement under workers compensation benefits. Suppose you have also been injured at work and are seeking help. In that case, get in touch with a Workers’ compensation attorney to look at your payroll records to safeguard your interests and see if the insurance company is paying you correctly.  The legal work and documentation can be very tedious for you to go through and understand every single clause involved in the worker’s compensation.

Here is how your earnings carry a lot of relevance

It can hamper your temporary disability Benefits 

Insurance companies often calculate the earnings of the injured for the last year from the date of injury. It is the date on the claim form or the last date of the injury’s exposure in case of cumulative trauma. Then, they average it out to come up with your weekly wage to see if your temporary disability rate is 2/3rd of that. So, if you are not getting the correct payment, or the employer is not sending the accurate payroll records to the insurer, the insurance company will miscalculate your temporary disability rate, which can result in a significant amount of compensation loss over two years.

It can hamper your Permanent Total Disability benefits

If the injury leads to total permanent disability where the worker has lost its ability to work or compete in the open labor market for a lifetime, the worker might get a 100% award. However, a 100% award is not typical on the permanent disability rate. Instead, the person may get paid on the temporary disability rate. So, a few miscalculations can lead to a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the 100% disability claim over the injured worker’s life expectancy.  

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You need to be very careful when dealing with workers’ compensation cases as it is very sensitive and requires a lot of effort. To get the results in your favor, you must get in touch with workers compensation attorneys in St Petersburg who can guide you through the entire case. 

You can file a civil suit against the employer for incorrect payments – If the employer has not correctly paid the worker, the worker is not only eligible for additional benefits but can also file a civil suit against the employer for unpaid wages. They may also become a representative for a class action if other workers in a similar situation have not got accurate compensation.

Workers’ Compensation cases can be tricky and time-consuming. Having an experienced attorney by your side increases your chances of winning the case and attains the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer today for legal representation. You can look for lawyers or attorneys online, and you can also look for reviews from your friends. Make sure you hire only the most reliable and reputed one for your case. 


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