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Sergey Tokarev, a well-known businessman and investor, founding partner at tech company Roosh and Roosh Ventures, plans to create another promising project—an artificial intelligence ecosystem AI House. Such initiative will be implemented in Ukraine for the first time, and the country’s leading educational institutions and front-rank technology companies are ready to join Ukrainian artificial intelligence.

AI House is an educational initiative that aims to provide high-quality knowledge to aspiring developers trying to implement their ideas in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As conceived by the initiators, the project is planning to become a platform where experts and young professionals will share their experiences and create successful startups in this area. Ukrainian artificial intelligence-

Den Dmitrenko, AI House co-initiator, managing partner at Roosh, and one of the founders of the acclaimed app Reface, spoke about the project’s goals. According to him, students will also get an interdisciplinary education. And the creators plan to involve business owners, investors, professors of polytechnics and other universities, as well as technical experts in the educational process. In addition to personal experience, they will share their views on how the world of artificial intelligence is developing, both with students and colleagues. That is, in addition to its educational focus, AI House aims to become a platform for exchanging experience between specialists.

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As Sergey Tokarev notes, similar systems have already proven their effectiveness in Germany and France. According to the investor, despite the fact that the project is still young, its creators have ambitious plans that include gaining leadership in the European market.

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In addition to Roosh that is actively engaged in developing innovative ideas in the field of AI and ML and will be one of the project’s main investors, the venture studio Pawa and the company ZibraAI, specializing in 3D rendering and 3D object generation, will take part in it. The creators of the popular Reface app will also join the initiative. And among Ukrainian universities, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv and Lviv Polytechnic Universities, and the Ukrainian Catholic University have already confirmed their participation in AI House.

AI House initiators entrusted the position of CEO to Bogdan Ponomar, who already has experience in implementing strategic tasks, in particular, in the company Ciklum. He notes that in the curriculum of Ukrainian universities, teaching AI begins only from the third year. But many students start working already in the first year of their studying. Therefore, AI House will plan its program so that budding IT specialists can implement their ideas in the field of AI already in their second year. For that to happen, the project is going to organize regular lectures by leading experts in this area, hackathons, various competitions, and offline camps. In addition, the project authors plan to create schools specializing in different areas of ML.

Among the eminent experts who have already supported the ambitious initiative, it is worth noting professor at Cornell & Cornell Tech, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at Afresh Volodymyr Kuleshov, Chief Technology Officer at Pawa and Co-Founder at the Ukrainian Association of AI Borys Pratsiuk, and others.

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Sergey Tokarev calls creating an ML school the first step towards the new ecosystem implementation. By the way, the lessons there will be free. AI House initiators promised to tell about when the school will open in mid-October.



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