Are you thinking of starting your own business in 2023? For many aspiring entrepreneurs, finding startup capital is a barrier that prevents them from pursuing their dreams.

Understandably, renting space, hiring employees, and carrying inventory involve significant costs. Borrowing money from a bank requires jumping through several hoops, which even then does not guarantee a loan for first-time business owners. Without sufficient savings, many individuals end up letting go of their entrepreneurial goals.

If this sounds like you, why not pursue a low-cost business concept? In this article, you will learn proven ideas that require little to no initial investment to make your dream of business ownership a reality in 2023.


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Product Resale

Secondhand shopping has seen a notable uptick in recent years as more shoppers attempt to minimize the impact of their consumption habits on the planet. Rising inflation and economic woes have also contributed to this trend.

Today, buying and selling used products is a major industry that 82% of Americans are part of. After all, thrifting works well for the planet and your wallet.

Setting up your own thrift store is easy and doesn’t involve high costs. And you also don’t need to carry much inventory at the beginning and can start even with a handful of items to test the market.

What is more important is hunting for good deals. To have a profitable business, you must find items you can sell with a reasonable margin—from clothes and furniture to electronics and collectibles.

So, start by researching the market to identify products with sizeable demand. Then visit flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops. You might also find bargains online.

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And where can you sell them? Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and specialized sites, such as Poshmark, are all excellent places to find buyers.


Personal Training

An increasing number of Americans are concerned about health and fitness as more professionals lead sedentary lifestyles seated in front of a computer. So, if you are a fitness fanatic, personal training could be the perfect business to start in 2023.

And it doesn’t involve any upfront expenditure whatsoever. All you need is a training plan, which you can customize based on your clients’ requirements. Designing a business card, emails, flyers, and social media posts will help you get visibility and add a professional touch. But you can create these yourself easily with free templates on Canva.

If you are not comfortable visiting residences, consider online personal training. The virtual fitness market is booming right now and is expected to reach $106.4 billion by 2030. This trend has taken off since the pandemic, and it continues to grow in popularity due to the incredible ease and convenience on offer.

As an online trainer, you can choose from a variety of formats—from pre-recorded training programs to live sessions via Zoom. You can record these from your living room or bedroom using a smartphone or computer.

And to promote your training sessions, spread the word among your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Talk about it on social media and join a few online communities to network. In addition, identify cross-promotion opportunities by finding professionals in related industries on Leadar. For instance, you could partner with local nutritionists and wellness centers and promote each other’s businesses to existing clientele.

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House Sitting Services

Many homeowners are not comfortable leaving their homes vacant when they travel. This is where house sitters come in.

Responsibilities will usually involve the regular housekeeping tasks you anyway perform at home. But in addition, you can offer extra services, such as looking after pets and housecleaning. None of these will cost you money but will, instead, generate additional income.

So, how can you start your very own house-sitting business? There are several options. The easiest is to sign up with House Sitters America, TrustedHousesitters, or a similar website that lists house-sitting opportunities. But keep in mind that these sites usually charge an annual membership fee to apply for jobs. And some of these opportunities are unpaid.

When you are new to the field, the best option is to house-sit for a few friends and family. This will help you gain experience and, most importantly, references. Customer reviews are crucial for finding gigs in this field. Once you have a few, you can promote your business on social media and find new clients.


Social Media Management

Businesses spent $17.5 billion on social media in 2022. It is an essential part of marketing that is set to grow at a CAGR of 24.2%. This makes it a lucrative space to be in.

Chances are you already spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and other popular platforms. So, you likely know the ins and outs of engaging audiences and building followers. Then why not monetize your knowledge by managing social media pages for businesses?

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While larger organizations will typically have their own in-house digital marketing teams, small business owners, in particular, require help setting up and managing their online presence at an affordable fee.

You can easily find such clients on freelancing platforms and job boards. But if you have limited experience, set your rates low and be honest with the client. Focus on doing your best and delivering results. Once you gain experience, you can increase your fees.



If you are knowledgeable about a specific topic or subject, you can start making money by teaching others. It could even be a hobby you have developed over the years, such as playing an instrument or photography.

Signing up with Chegg,, or some other online tutoring site is the best option to find teaching opportunities quickly. You can charge by the hour and often teach kids and adults from anywhere in the world. However, many of these platforms will have a screening process and could require a qualification in the field you want to tutor. They will take a portion of your earnings and may have an annual fee, too.

Another option is finding your own students. You can do this through your personal contacts and getting the word out on social media.

To Conclude

If you are held back from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams due to capital constraints, there are plenty of businesses you can start today with minimal initial expenses. Our low-cost business ideas give you several options to explore. Ensure you select an area you are passionate about. It should also match your skills, schedule, and aspirations.



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