Bihar Labour Card Registration
Bihar Labour Card Registration

Labour Card Registration: Hello friends, welcome to you and our website, today we are going to give you very important information related to the government scheme Labor Card. Today we will tell you how to do Labor Card Online Registration ? At the same time, will we also tell you what is the Labor Card? And today we are going to give you Benefits of Labor Card, Labor Card Objective in very easy language to all the big and small people.

All the migrants who have returned to their state of Bihar due to the corona epidemic in Bihar are now being registered. For this, Bihar Shramik Sewa card registration has started. Today we will tell you in detail about Bihar labor registration or labor registration. For this, a website named Labor Beach Inn has been created. Through this post, you will know how to apply Bihar Labor Registration and Shram Suvidha Card.

Dear friends, if you are a permanent citizen of Bihar, and live in Bihar. And if you want to apply Bihar Labor Card Online . So today we are going to give you complete information of how to make Bihar Labor Card online through this post. Today, through this post, you have been told the complete information of making Bihar Mazdoor or Shramik Sewa card.

The Bihar Government Labor Resources Department has started the labor registration 2020. Through which Labor Card will be given. This Shramik Sewa registration is being done by the Bihar Skill Mission by the Government of Bihar. There are as many Skilled or Unskilled Majdoor in the state of Bihar through this scheme. They are being registered so that all those laborers can be given work by the government. It was announced by the Bihar government that all the laborers who are in Bihar will be sent information about their work on their registered mobile, so that all those workers will be able to know where and where the work is?

Now call it a labor card (LABOUR CARD) , or a labor card (MAJDOOR CARD) or a labor card (SHRAM Suvidha CARD) . All these names belong to the same scheme, different people speak different names in their own way. Due to the creation of this labor card, the people of the working class are given a lot of benefit from the Bihar government.

The main objective of the Bihar State Government behind the creation of this labor card is that the workers can take advantage of it, that they should know how many working classes live in their state and with this, the workers get maximum benefit from the government. Can be given from

So friends, if you want to know, how can Bihar LABOR CARD ONLINE APPLY? So please do read this post carefully, in this post you will get all the information related to Bihar Labor Labor or Mazdoor Card in detail. What are the benefits of Bihar Labor Card? How to download labor card list? How to check the status of Bihar Labor Card? You will find the answer to all the questions in this post.

Bihar Labour Card Registration
Bihar Labour Card Registration

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Table of Contents

What is Bihar Labor Card? – What is Bihar Labor Card? 

Friends, shortly the Labor Card has been operated by the Government of India for all the workers of the country. This scheme is for all the states of the country. Together, only the workers of India can take advantage of this scheme. Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided by the Government of India to support the insurance business, including marriage, education, children, and family of laborers and their families working in unorganized sectors in the country.

So that the workers never have to face the economic situation. Also, there should not be any problem in children’s education and family related expenses. Because in today’s time, the laborers are unable to find work, due to which it has become difficult for them to eat a single meal and all the workers are migrating to their villages.

For this reason, the Government of India has made a very good arrival of this scheme to deal with the coming disasters. Due to which, due to natural disaster or any problem, workers will not have to face the economic situation. Will have to flee to your village. Friends, we have yet to know that this Labor Card is for Kya Hai and for whom?

Now we will know all the things related to labor card like Online Registration, Labor Card Form, Benefits and Documents etc. So let’s know further.

All the workers were migrating to their respective homes. Because they found it difficult to eat a single meal. His life has come to a complete standstill without money. In such a situation, the Labor Card scheme has been run by the Government of India for others near the country. The scheme has been implemented in all states of India. However, the scheme is known by different names in every state. Such as Labor Card, Shramik Sewa Card, Majdur Card etc. 

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So let’s know in detail that this Labor Card Hai kya? And what is the benefit of this to the workers of India and how can we get Labor Card online registration in it. All you have to do is read and understand this information carefully. Only then you will be able to take advantage of this scheme. So let’s start our interesting topic today, Labor Card Information. 

Labour Department-West Bengal

Scheme NameLabour Card
StateBihar Govt
Purpose of Labour CardsWork For Labours
Documentation for Labour CardsPAN Card and Bank Account
Who can take BenifitAll workers/Labours & women too
Official Website।↗
Labour Department-West Bengal Table

Bihar Labor Card Objectives – Objectives of Labor Card Scheme 

Friends, the Government of India has started this scheme so that all the laborers of the country are provided funds in the form of economic condition. So that he can nurture himself and his child as well as family members at all costs. No financial situation has to be faced from daughter’s marriage to children’s education.  

Besides, insurance will also be provided to the laborers under this scheme. Because the work of laborers is such that they do not get work once in their lifetime. Due to which they have to face the economic situation very much. Nowadays due to coronavirus, almost all the laborers have got work.

Due to which they have to go back to their village. Therefore, this scheme is very important for the workers of our country. So that the economic condition of the country will also be strengthened and all the workers of the country will be able to teach their families, due to which the education class will also increase. At the same time, poverty will also disappear in India.

Labor / Majdoor / Shramik Sewa Card Benefits – Benefits of Labor Card Scheme

You get a lot of benefits by the government after labor registration. To take advantage of which you must have a Labor Card.

Labour Card Benefits

  • If the girl is born in the house of the laborers applying under the Friends Labor Card scheme, then an amount of 25000 ₹ / – will be given by the Government of India. 
  • If a boy is born in the house of the laborers applying under the Friends Labor Card scheme, then an amount of 12000 ₹ / – will be given by the Government of India. 
  • The laborers under Labor Card will be provided an additional amount of 55000 ₹ / – by the Government of India at the time of marriage of their daughter. 
  • To provide higher education to the children of laborers under this scheme, an amount of 60000 ₹ / – will be provided by the Government of India. 
  • The government will pay the entire expenses for serious illnesses and any other illnesses to the laborers who apply during their lifetime. 
  •  Under this scheme, along with the labor card, you will also get the benefits of Mazdoor card and Shramik Sewa card. 
  • If 80% of the number comes on passing the tenth by the student or students, then the government will provide an amount of 25000 ₹ / – as incentive. 
  • In the same way, the amount of Rs.15000 ₹ / – will be provided by the Government of India as an incentive when the number of 70% is passed by the student and the student. 
  • Similarly, on getting 60% marks, an amount of 10000 ₹ / – will be provided by the Government of India to the student.

Friends, one thing you always have to keep in mind is that the Labor Card is run in every state according to their own. Therefore, you may see a difference in the benefits of each state. 

Types Of Shramik Sewa Cards – Types Of Labor

  • Engaged in building construction and road construction work
  • Blacksmith
  • Mason’s helper
  • Skilled worker mason
  • Carpenter
  • Mistry working in building and floor-tiles
  • And its assistants
  • Electricians working in IT building and electrical work
  • Grill and welding worker
  • Setting and Iron Binder
  • Concrete mixers,
  • Female worker jo cement
  • Machine Operators and Mixer Tippers
  • Mix works for washing
  • In Dam and Building Construction
  • Roller driver and dam construction work
  • Laborers operating various modern instruments
  • Water Management Workers
  • Dam or Chowkidar engaged in construction work
  • Plumber etc.
  • Engaged in construction of railway telephone airport etc.
  • Briquette construction and stone breaking works
  • Workers working under MNREGA program and forestry

Labor Card Yojana Documents Information – Important Documents for Labor Card Scheme 

  • Passport size photos  [passport size photo]
  •  Bank account passbook  [bank account]
  •  PAN  [pan card]

Friends, one thing you always have to keep in mind is that different documents can be demanded in different states from the laborers applying for the labor card. So you have to take full care of this. But we have told you some important documents. 

Labor Card Major Points – Highlights of Labor Card

  • For Bihar Labor Card Registration, Aadhaar Card is required along with the application form.
  1. Must have a bank account.
  2. Age certificate (Aadhaar card / Voter ID card / ESIC / School certificate / Birth certificate / Medical certificate issued by medical officer, who should be below the level of Assistant Civil Surgeon in Government service).
  3. A certificate of working for 90 days by the employer, two color passport size photograph, in case of non-proof of work by the employer, a self-declaration letter will have to be submitted for working for 90 days.
  • To get the benefit of schemes operated from the Welfare Board, it is necessary to register the construction workers with Bihar Building and other construction workers welfare board and to be a member of the board. With this, they can get any kind of help only after registration of Bihar Labor Card.
  • Construction workers who are 18 years of age and have not completed 60 years can all become members of the Welfare Board.
  • Bihar Labor Card Registration Fee is 20 ₹ / – (Rupees Twenty), and monthly subscription is 50 paise per month for a lump sum of 5 years at the time of registration 30 ₹ / – (Rupees thirty) i.e. Registration and Contribution Fee Lump sum 150 ₹ / – (Rupees fifty) is payable. After 5 years, the worker will have to be renewed again. Membership will cease if they are not deposited on time, and the laborer will not get any benefit from the board.
  • If the membership of the construction workers registered in Bihar Labor Card is broken due to non-submission of timely contribution, this tool can be revived by the Registration Officer. Provided that the outstanding contribution of construction period of Shramik Sewa Tut will be deposited in the Board’s fund at the rate of 50 paise per month, but the membership will not be revived more than twice.
  • The visiting Panchayat Rojgar Sewak (PRS) / Labor Enforcement Officer will visit the construction sites in rural areas and obtain the application of the required construction workers with the prescribed fee. Panchayat Rojgar Sevaks (PRS) will make available the applications received with their explicit recommendation to the labor enforcement officer. At least 5 percent of the applications received from PRS will also be checked by the labor enforcement officer. In this way all the applications received will be registered by Aadhaar Card verification by the labor enforcement officer (who himself is declared as registration officer).
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Labor Card Online Registration – Labor Card Online Registration 

Friends, now we will tell you how you can do Labor Card Online Registration . Which is very easy. We are going to tell you here the process of online labor registration for Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. You can do the labor card registration process of other states in exactly the same way. Because the process of labor card registration in every state is almost the same.

Bihar Labour Card Online Apply Process

First of all, you go to the official website of Bihar Labor Card. To go to the official website, click on these links Bihar Labor Card Official Website. ↗ or http: //

Bihar LABOUR CARD apply

On this website of Bihar Labor Registration, you will see three options.

☛ Labor Registration: If you choose this option to create a new labor card Bihar or for labor registration, then this labor registration option.
☛ Worker Login: After applying, workers can use login for more information.
☛ Officer Login: This is the official login given only for the officer of Labor Resources Department of Bihar.

Now you will see Bihar Shramik Registration, Bihar Shramik Login, Bihar Official Login option in front of you . Here now you have to click on Bihar Shramik Registration .

Bihar LABOUR CARD registration form

After clicking on labor registration, a form will open in front of you. Which are shown in the photo above. Now in this you have to fill the name (Aadhaar given), father / husband name, Aadhaar number, date of birth, gender, marital status and mobile number and click on Register .

Bihar LABOUR CARD login

When your registration is complete, now to make you a labor card online. You will have to login again by entering the Aadhaar number and mobile number . As shown in the pictures above.

As soon as the Bihar Shram Card registration form opens, you have to fill this form in 4 steps here.
प्रोफाइल Profile details in the first state.
 Professional Detail.
 Contact details.
 give additional details by filling now submit final.

Bihar Govt runs many welfare Schemes for e kalyan Bihar Labor Card users, which are as follows :

Maternity Benefit:

On completion of minimum one-year membership, the registered women construction worker is payable for the first two deliveries at the date of delivery equal to 90 days of the minimum wages fixed by the Bihar State Government for unskilled workers. This grant is in addition to health, social welfare and other departments.

Cash Reward :

Maximum of two children of construction workers registered after minimum one year membership, from 25000 ₹ / – , 70% on getting 80% or more marks in the 10th and 12th examination conducted by any board under Bihar State Government every year . 15000 ₹ / – will be given on getting 79.99% marks and 10000 ₹ / – will be given on 60% to 69.99% marks .

Financial Assistance for Education:

Upon completion of minimum one-year membership, children of registered construction workers

  • IIT / IIM. And full tuition fees for admission in government institutions like AIMS etc.
  • B. ₹ 20,000 / – (Rupees Twenty Thousand) outright on admission to a government institution for a TECH or equivalent course
  • Lump sum 10,000 ₹ / – (Rupees ten thousand) for studying Government Polytechnic / Nursing or equivalent diploma course
  • Lump sum 5,000 ₹ / – (Rupees five thousand) for Government ITI or equivalent

Financial Assistance for Marriage:

50,000 ₹ / – (fifty thousand) registered male / female worker is compulsorily a member for three years, his two adult daughters or a female member himself, but the workers marrying the second marriage are not entitled to this scheme. This is in addition to the Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme.

Tool Purchase Scheme:

A maximum of ₹ 15,000 / – (Rupees fifteen thousand) to the construction workers employed after the training for the skill up gradation of their registered trade.

Bicycles Purchase Scheme:

After purchasing a bicycle after completing the membership for a minimum of one year, on providing a receipt for purchase of a maximum of 3,500 ₹ / – (Rupees three thousand five hundred).

Building Repair Grant Scheme:

Maximum 20,000 ₹ / – (Rupees Twenty Thousand) On completion of membership of three years, (only once), keep in mind that the amount has been received for building construction / bicycle and tools in the past. They will not be given this benefit.

Medical assistance to the beneficiary:

An amount equivalent to the Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Fund. Workers who have not received funds from the Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Fund are given equivalent amount by the Health Department for the treatment of incurable disease.


On completion of minimum five years membership and after the age of 60 years , a pension of 1,000 ₹ / – (Rupees one thousand) per month will be payable. Provided that the benefit of pension is not available under other social security schemes.

Annual Medical Assistance Scheme:

All registered eligible construction workers will get the benefit of this, according to which a lump sum amount of 3,000 ₹ / – (Rupees Three Thousand) will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account every year.

Disability pension :

1,000 ₹ / – (Rupees One Thousand) per month, in the event of permanent disability in leprosy, TB, paralysis, or accident etc. and in the event of permanent disability, outright 75,000 ₹ / – (Rupees seventy five thousand) and partial disability In the case of a lump sum R 50,000 ₹ / – (Rupees fifty thousand) is payable.

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Death Benefit:

  • 12,00,000 ₹ / – (Rupees two lakhs) in natural death
  • 24,00,000 ₹ / – (Rupees four lakhs) in accidental death if death occurs at the time of disaster. And if the grant is given by disaster management, then at such time only Rs. 1,00,000 / – (Rupees one lakh) is payable by the board.

Financial assistance for cremation:

5000 ₹ / – (Rupees Five Thousand) to dependents of registered construction worker.

Paternity Benefits:

On completion of minimum one-year membership, a male worker, whose wife is not registered with the Board, will be paid 6,000 ₹ / – (Rupees six thousand) per delivery for the first two deliveries of his wife.

Family Pension:

After the death of the pensioner, 50% of the amount received by the pensioner or 100 ₹ / – (Rupees one hundred), whichever is higher.

How To Apply for the Others States Labour Card Online – Labour Registration Online Process

To register a labor card online, first you have to visit the official website of your state. For other states, this process may be slightly different.

First Step

  • After going to the official website, now you will see an option (Online Registration and Renewal) , you have to click on it. 
  • Below we are giving a link to the official website of the labor resources department of every state.
  •  Now clicking on it, a Labor Act Management System website will open in front of you . In which you have to choose your preferred language.  
  • After choosing the language, now you will get some important instructions. Which you have to proceed after reading it carefully. 
  • Now you will see an option (Register Now) on which you have to click. 
  • Now a small form will open in front of you. Which is a registration form. In which you have to fill your required information. 
  •  After filling all the information carefully, now you have to proceed. Now your (User Name) and (Password) will be sent to the mobile number or email given by you. 
  • With that user name and password, you have to login to this scheme, as well as do not give this important information to anyone.  
  • After logging in, now you will see many types of options. You must first select Act bihar / utter pradesh / mp / etc. Dukaan aur vanijya adhishthan adhiniyam 1962 option has to be chosen. 
  • After selecting the option, now you have to click on the registration button and proceed. 
  •  Now you will be given some guidelines, which you have to read carefully. Then after reading (I have read all instruction carefully) click on the button. 
  • Now a form will be opened in front of you, in which the fee of the form will be calculated and the form will have to be saved.  
  •  After saving the form, you will have to upload some of your required documents. Such as your identity card, PAN card, and some important information.  
  •  You will need to put the format of your required documents in PNG or JPEG . 

Second Step

  • Friends, now that you have saved the form, you have to click on the button to make payment as soon as you edit that form. 
  • Now clicking on the payment button, the application number will be asked in front of you, you will have to pay after entering your application number.
  • You get a variety of selections to pay for it. Such as invoices and online. 
  • You can pay through both these selections, after downloading the challan, you can upload your challan after paying it. Or you can pay online by going to the online Proceed to Payment button.

Third Step

  • After paying friends, you have to submit your challan number, date, bank name in the application form and submit the final. 
  • After doing so, your (Labor Card Form Online Registration) is done. Now your application form will be sent to the concerned department of your state. 
  • When your phone will be inspected by the concerned department and after successful inspection, you can do your labor card download and print very easily. 

Note: One thing you always have to keep in mind is that you choose any selection to pay your form, you must enter the payment details (invoice number, invoice date and bank name), if you do not do so then your The application will not be able to come in the application department. 

The scheme has been inaugurated in every state and in many states the scheme is known by different names. Also, one thing you have to keep in mind is that there are different differences in the benefits of each state and the documents sought to apply in the states may vary. But the method of registering the labor card of all the states is almost same. 

So friends, you can easily do Labor Card Online Registration in this way . We have given you all the details of registration in detail. In order to apply labor card, you have to do registration carefully in this way. 

All State Labour Card Form Department Official Website List

Arunachal Pradesh-Department of Labour and EmploymentClick Here।↗
Andhra Pradesh-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Assam-Labour & Employment DepartmentClick Here।↗
Chattisgarh-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Bihar-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Gujarat-Labour & Employment DepartmentClick Here।↗
Goa-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Haryana-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Jammu & Kashmir-Department of Labour and EmploymentClick Here।↗
Himachal Pradesh-Labour & Employment DepartmentClick Here।↗
Jharkhand-Labour and EmploymentClick Here।↗
Kerala-Labour CommissionerateClick Here।↗
Karnataka-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Madhya Pradesh-Labour Welfare BoardClick Here।↗
Manipur-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Maharashtra-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Meghalaya-Department of Employment and Craftsmen TrainingClick Here।↗
Nagaland-Labour & Employment DepartmentClick Here।↗
Mizoram-Labour, Employment & Industrial Training DepartmentClick Here।↗
Orissa-Labour DirectorateClick Here।↗
Rajasthan-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Punjab-Labour & Employment DepartmentClick Here।↗
Tamil Nadu-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Sikkim-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Tripura-Directorate of LabourClick Here।↗
Uttar Pradesh-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Uttarakhand-Department of LabourClick Here।↗
Andaman & NicobarClick Here।↗
Dadar & Nagar Haveli-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Chandigarh-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Labour and Employment Office, DiuClick Here।↗
Lakshadweep-DepartmentClick Here।↗
Labour Department-DelhiClick Here।↗
Pondicherry-Labour DepartmentClick Here।↗
Labour Department State Wise
Labour Department-West BengalClick Here।↗
Labour Department-West Bengal

The benefit of all welfare schemes as per the board rules

  • For transparency, the amount of all welfare schemes is transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account by the RTGS method.
  • Out of the above schemes, except “Annual Medical Assistance Scheme”, it is mandatory for the beneficiary to apply in the prescribed form to the concerned labor office.
  • For any complaint, you can contact on phone number 06-1225-2525558 or on the board’s e-mail ID- [email protected].
  • For the benefit of the schemes, contact can be established with the labor superintendent office of the concerned district whose email id. And the mobile number is available on the board’s website –

FAQ: Bihar Labour Card Registration 2020

Que – What is the official website for making Bihar Labor Card? Bihar Labor Card Form official website?

Ans – To go to the official website, click on these links Bihar Labor Card Official Website.  or

Que – How to make Bihar Labor Card online? How To Apply Bihar Labor Card Online?

Ans – To make Bihar Labor Card online, you have to visit the official website of Labor Department issued by the Government of Bihar. And there you have to apply online.

Que – What are the documents required to get Bihar Labor Card? Bihar Labor card status online Apply Required Documents?

Ans – Passport size photo  [passport size photo]
bank account passbook  [bank account]
PAN card  [pan card]

Que – How and When to Renew the Registration Certificate? 

Ans – Friends, you have to renew your labor registration certificate before 31 December every year.

Que – How Can I Get a Labour Card? 

Ans – Friends, to apply for the labor card, you will have to register by visiting the official website of the labor resources department of your state. 

Que – Benefits of a Labour Card? 

Ans – Friends Labor Card has many benefits, such as 55000 ₹ / – on the daughter’s wedding, 25000 ₹ / – on the birth of the daughter , benefits of government schemes, expenses on health treatment, all other types of benefits provided by the government. Will go 


Friends, we hope that you will like this today’s Labor Card form Online Registration in Hindi, Labor Card Benefits, Labor Card Objectives, Labor Card Status Information . If you are a laborer or someone works in your family, then this information must have been very helpful and helpful for you. You can fully connect with us to get the most important information. We also request you to share this information with your families as well as your friends. So that he too can avail this scheme.

Because in today’s time everyone knows how upset the worker is. He is being forced to eat a single piece of bread in his day. Also, he is unable to get work. That is why you must share this information. So that every laborer of the country can do well.


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