Marketing is an essential activity that is targeted at promoting and advertising goods and services. It enables businesses to reach their target audience and to make them aware of their products. Without marketing, a business will be like a person that is winking or nodding in the dark.

Since we have established that marketing is integral to business success, it is important that every businessperson or company engage it. However, the issue is not about marketing but about doing it right to get the right results.

One of the ways to do marketing right is to start out by having the right training. There are many experts in the field such as Dan Kennedy who offer short courses that can equip company staff to carry out successful marketing campaigns. Well apart from going for trainings, there are basic tips that companies can adopt that will help them carry out successful campaigns.  We will share some of these tips in this article but before then let’s look at the importance of marketing.

Importance of Marketing

Like we have said over and over, marketing is key to the success of any business venture.  Below we highlight this importance:-

Helps Consumer Engagement

Any company that wants their product to sell profitably must learn how to engage customers and this can only be done through marketing campaigns. This campaign creates the opportunity for customer engagement where they will be told all about the product(s) or services that they offer.

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Helps Build and Maintain Business Reputation

Companies build reputation over time and the growth and longevity of a firm depends on people’s perception of them and their products or services. Promo and advert strategies are great means of building brand equity when customer expectations are met.

Helps to Build Relationship Between Companies and their Customers

No company /firm can grow and be successful without a lasting relationship with their customers. Through marketing strategies based on psychographics, demographics, and consumer behaviour companies get to know what their customers want. This knowledge is then used in creating products or offering services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Boosts Sales

Other terms for marketing includes advertising and promotions and these activities are all geared towards using different means to promote the products or services of a company. The result of a successful advertising campaign is increased sales and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in turn makes the happy customers automatic brand ambassadors.

Helps Businesses Remain Relevant

A company can only remain relevant if it has good relationship with its customers and also has a good reputation in the society. An unknown company cannot have any relationship with customers and will definitely not make any impression on people in the locality where they are. But with active advertising campaigns and engagements a company will remain relevant.  Check out this article for more tips on how to keep your company relevant.

Helps Companies Make Informed Decisions

If a company does not know what their costumers like, they will be making products or offering services that may not be meeting the needs of the customer. Therefore the process of asking questions and carrying out surveys helps the company to know what customers want and make informed decisions to meet those needs.

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Tips for Successful Marketing

The following are tips that will help every company have successful advertising campaigns:-

Carry out Market Research

You cannot just launch a promo or advertising campaign without finding out what is happening in the market. You must find out who your competitors are and what they are doing right or wrong. You must also find your target market and why they should leave an existing brand and buy your goods or engage your services.

Build a Customer Profile

You must identify your target market and then go beyond that to create the profile of that person that you regard as your major customer. What is the demography you intend to serve? What are their interest and spending habits? What is their worldview? When you ask pertinent questions about your core customer and answer them, you will determine the best way to engage with them.

Carry out a Price Research

You cannot just set your price based on only internal factors of production. You must conduct a price research and also use case studies to set the right price that will break you into the market or keep you relevant if you have already broken into the market. Knowing current market trends and prices will help you know the strategies to employ in your advertising campaign.

Create and Maintain Social Media Handles

The world today is largely digitalized and most people interact online. Any company that wants to succeed must create social media channels and use them to deliver valuable content to their audience. This will help them build an organic following that will eventually morph into paying customers. It has been discovered that there are customers that you cannot engage in any other way apart from through these social media handles.

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Engage Marketing Tools

Using marketing tools can also help you to succeed in your campaigns. One of the most popular tools to use is the CRM software (customer relationship manager). It helps you to monitor email conversion rates, sales metrics, customer requests and responses and other functions. With this software even small businesses can expand their marketing efforts.  Visit  for more information on CRM.

Increase Positive Word of Mouth Campaign

Much as people may not hype this method, word of mouth is a very strong form of promoting a product or service. You should never underrate what people have to say about your products or services because word of mouth travels faster than we imagine. So every company needs to do all that’s humanly possible to get people talking about them and their products positively.


If you have a new business or you are trying to revamp a dying one, bear in mind that you need to carry out serious advertising and promo campaigns to help put your products or service in the face of your prospective customers.

We have shared some brief tips in this article; we know that these are not the only things that you can do to have successful advertising campaigns. However, they are great starting points. Bear these tips in mind and implement them; you will see results even as you start out with these steps.


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