Videos in Online Education

Teaching online and using technology in education has become a new normal, tools like teaching apps, courses apps, audio and videos are being used. The most used tools are videos, earlier teachers used to show videos in the classroom through projectors and students were supposed to watch and understand things from them. Now, the videos are being used in the online classes for the same purpose, but do you think just by watching videos students will be able to understand everything? No, although videos serve a great purpose in teaching concepts engagingly and easily, teachers often use them just to keep students occupied but that’s not the only function of videos in online education. 

There are many effective ways through which teachers can use videos effectively in online teaching. Here in this article, we have listed down some of them, keep reading the article to know about Videos in Online Education. 

Don’t Make it Monotonous: No matter how engaging and educational the video is if it’s lengthy and continual, it may bore the students. Today’s learners live a fast-paced and busy life. They want things that can solve their issues instantly and if it doesn’t happen they ditch them immediately. So teachers whether you are creating or recording your video or using third-party educational video, keep this in mind to keep the videos short i.e. 2-3 minutes or max 5 minutes. It will encourage students to watch videos and will also make them easy to comprehend. Teachers can divide a topic into several sub-topics and only add necessary points in the videos.

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Do the Explanation:  As we mentioned earlier, just showing videos wouldn’t make students understand everything. Teachers need to do their work sincerely, remember videos are just tools it’s you, teachers who have to teach students so while showing videos in online classes, keep explaining the concepts and topics. This will make the learning and comprehension of concepts more straightforward for students, it will encourage students to ask questions and participate in the class. 

Interact with Students: When we talk about videos it doesn’t just mean educational videos and recorded lectures, but live videos too. Every online teaching app has the feature of live video, so teachers use it to interact with students, instead of sending automated results of tests, talk to students and give them live feedback. Doing so will enhance interaction between teachers and students and teachers can ask students about their difficulties, and queries and can provide students with solutions for their problems. Organise a live video session with students every once a week and interact with them, and you will see differences in their academic performance, participation in the classroom and behaviour.

Take Students on Virtual Trip: We know how the world changed after the pandemic and the way it affected the education system. Before the pandemic schools and colleges used to take students on educational field trips where students not only had fun but also got to learn various things, however, it changed after the pandemic and students were confined to their homes. But this problem can be solved, teachers can take students on a virtual field trip using apps like Google Earth, and Global mapper in which while using these apps, teachers can share their screens with students and show them different places virtually and also tell them about it using videos.

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Take Video Tests: Taking oral tests or viva is a very old method of testing students’ knowledge, teachers can use this method digitally too. There are various ways to test students using video i) teachers can give a topic to students and ask them to record a video of themselves explaining that topic in their words. ii) or teachers can take live video oral tests of students where they can ask questions from students, and they have to answer on the spot. This will not only graduate students’ academic knowledge but will also boost their communication skills.

Stay Updated: Teachers need to stay updated, for they enrol in programs like the CBSE training portal or do courses, to learn various teaching strategies and different ways to use not only videos but other digital tools effectively for teaching.




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