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If you are an individual who is devoted to bitcoin, then you surely need to know how to sell this crypto. There comes a situation when selling out your funds or sell your bitcoins, and getting your money is very critical while investing. You should know that selling bitcoin is similar to buying bitcoin. This article will learn about selling bitcoin through a bitcoin exchange. However, it is a reverse process. If you need to trade this digital crypto, then first, you need bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet. There are numerous conducts in which you can sell your bitcoins. But here are some of the steps that will help you sell your bitcoins in a faster and easier way.

Step number one

The first step is opening the account. It is the optimum method to turn your bitcoin into fiat money. These exchanges work as the middleman by selling your digital coins for you. First, however, you need to ensure that the bitcoin exchange you are using is reputable, like the

Knowing your customer rules is different from every platform, and it depends on where you live. It is why you should choose a bitcoin exchange platform that offers you an easy user interface. In some situations, it might delay processing the customer’s account. Once your account is generated, you have to link your bank account. By linking your bank account, you can quickly cash out your coins with just a tiny amount of hassle or no hassle at all.

Step number two!

It would be best always to store your bitcoin in a safe bitcoin wallet. For trading the coin on the bitcoin exchange, you need to send your coins into the bitcoin exchange wallet. After that, you can use the bitcoin wallet to connect to the exchange wallet. When you open this app, you have to wait for the connecting notification to pop up. Then, you have to pass in the login information of your exchange app. If you wait a lot and don’t get any notification, you have to go to the setting and then connect to the exchange platform to get started. 

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The exchange bitcoin wallet always has simple features, including making payments to the merchants directly from this wallet. Moreover, the security of the bitcoin platform is excellent, which means it provides an advanced level of authentication technology. However, if you want to use another type of digital wallet, you can consider connecting it by going to the settings. 

Step number three!

When you are done with setting up your bitcoin exchange account, linking your bank account and depositing the bitcoin to the exchange account, then you are just one step away from making the sale of your bitcoins. The bitcoin exchange you select will help simplify all the processes. First, you have to select buying and selling from the top of the menu and click on the sell option. Once you do this, you have to move further and choose the amount of bitcoin you want to sell. 

It would help if you were safeguarded to pick the particular destination for your bitcoin funds. Next, you can select the bank account for making the direct transfer. Next, you should check the amount of bitcoin you have in your wallet and then select the amount. You can make numerous sales simultaneously, so there is no limit. Once the whole process is complete, the bitcoin will get converted into fiat money, and it will send to the bank account to which you have connected.

The ending thoughts!

These are the three easy steps that everyone can follow for selling bitcoin. As you can see, selling bitcoin is similar to buying coins, so you will not face many issues. However, it would be best to focus more on your selected platform. There are large bitcoin exchange platforms available, and trusting in all of them is not a good idea. Only a few bitcoin exchanges provide the best services to their users. So, you should get some knowledge before selecting any bitcoin exchange. Once the exchange is selected, you should ensure that you adequately fill in all the details.


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